Accessorizing is not only a fun task for many women, but it can also accentuate their overall look. Some ladies may depend upon accessories to give their plain outfits an extra boost. But as much as they could make a significant impact on your appearance, they could also break your outfit. Sometimes, they can overpower an elegant and expensive dress. Other times, they can make you look like a queen even when just wearing a basic tee. The secret is to ensure that your accessories will result in the latter.

Finding the perfect accessories, such as gorgeous dangling earrings, hair clips, or a super quirky belt, may also aid in your confidence and give you the opportunity to share your individuality with the world. 

To create the best look, apply these tips in choosing the right accessories to match your outfit:

  • Coordinate Colors

Accessorizing may include adding some scarves or headpieces to your outfit. Sometimes experimenting with their colors can help you stand out from the crowd. However, on the contrary, when the colors are not complimenting your outfit, it can potentially lead to a fashion disaster. 

Coordinating the colors of your overall get-up can be done in various ways. For example, considering neutral hues like black, white, and beige, or mixing it up with a splash of bright, colorful accessories. As for colorful outfits, you should wear muted accessories or simple metals to tone down and neutralize the entire look. When coming up with the combination, make sure that they all look cohesive and not too busy. Don’t be afraid to use fashion bangers like a bandana or brimmed hats because if you can pull it off, you’ll be able to create a unique outfit that will turn a lot of heads in public. 

  • Consider The Proportion Of Your Outfit And The Accessories

Consider the scale of accessories that you’re going to add to your outfit and ensure they all complement one another. There is nothing wrong with wearing bold prints and patterns as long as you pair them with simple accessories. On the flip side, if your outfit seems a bit too plain and boring, you can finish it off by wearing more prominent and eye-catching accessories.

Plain tops, black dresses, and simple button-up shirts are common styles that can be worn with statement accessories to jazz them up. Even a fashionable watch, if you’re going for a more corporate look, such as the ones found at this link can add some welcomed flare to your clothing. If you are wearing plaids, prints, or florals, on the other hand, you can go for a simple gold necklace, as your outfit already has its own “wow factor.” 

  • Assess The Overall Style

Ensure your chosen accessories fit in with the overall style you’re aiming for. If you are wearing an elegant beaded dress, for example, and pair it with some cowboy boots, it might not be a great match overall. While some combinations surprisingly work well, giving it an overall assessment first before leaving your home is wise. 

  • Consider The Temperature Or The Season

The specific season you’re now in should also influence the type of accessories you decide to wear. It makes no sense to wear fur hats and knitted hand gloves in the middle of summer. A scarf, for example, could work for any season, depending on its type of material and fabric. You could even consider the many ways of wearing and styling them. When wearing seasonal accessories, try to ensure that material is comfortable for the temperature. Otherwise, it could potentially cause unease. 


When shopping for the perfect accessories, don’t hurry to buy anything you feel like buying. Take time to assess whether they will go perfectly well with your dresses and other outfits. Choose to accentuate your look with unique hats, scarves, pieces of jewelry, a watch, and of course, the best shoes you can find.

Accessorizing is an effective way to update your look and enhance your style. However, when matched awkwardly, it may also lead to a fashion disaster. Follow these helpful tips when selecting the right accessories, and you’ll be able to look your best.