A collage of perfect selfies that display your fashion style could open doors to lucrative deals and opportunities for any aspiring social media influencer or fashion blogger. This as well as creating your digital brand is the reason why learning to take high-quality personal photos of yourself is essential. 

On the other hand, it can also be a fun means of sharing styling tips with friends and followers or cataloging your fashion ideas. Either way, there are several techniques you can try to eventually end up with photographer-standard photos. 

To help you, here are four tips for taking outfit selfies: 

  • Mirror Selfies 

Whether you’re in your bedroom, bathroom, or changing room, taking mirror selfies of your outfit applies the same principles. The only key difference is that you’ll have to consider the size and height of the mirror. A full-length mirror mounted on the floor is the most ideal for taking a complete outfit selfie while you can use small, rounded, or wall-mounted mirrors for taking sections of your outfit such as a shirt or a dress without showing shoes. 

Make sure to position yourself in the center of the mirror and create a pose that shows off your look. This can be extending a leg forward or twisting your chest sideways. If you want to show your face, you can compare picture apps such as face app vs facetune to see which you prefer to take your selfies with and enhance your images. If you’re fortunate enough to use a wide mirror, you can sit on the floor or counter and slightly angle your body to one side. In terms of your phone position, make sure your arm is either kept to its side or at face level. Be careful not to cross your arm as it will cover part of your outfit.  

  • Arm Extended Selfies 

The challenge of taking arm-extended selfies is getting most of your outfit in the shot while placing your phone camera in a comfortable position. The key to getting this done is working with angles and height. Once you’ve mastered this, you can snap selfies anywhere. Furthermore, an important consideration when taking arm-extended selfies is lighting as this can impact the quality of your pictures. Thus, to take a selfie using your arm, you can place your phone slightly above your head and angle it diagonally so that the camera points down. 

Doing this should position your outfit from the neck down in the shot to reveal interesting or uniquely designed wardrobe pieces and styling. Alternatively, if you have a wide enough front-facing camera, you can sit down cross your legs, and extend your arm in front of you while using the other arm to lean back and take the selfie. The standing version of this can create height and dimensions by placing your phone upside down on the floor against an object to keep it propped up. Then place the timer, stand back, and position yourself in the selfie. This is how you can get your entire outfit in a selfie without a mirror. 

  • Selfie Stick 

This is a useful substitute for extending your arm, especially when you want to include your background or when you’re traveling or on the move. Most come with a Bluetooth button or remote-control function that allows you to take a selfie with everything in reach. If you’re in an outside environment, you may have to adjust your light setting or be aware of where the sun is as it will be your main light source except on overcast days.

Now to take the selfie itself, be sure to turn your camera vertically and extend the stick as far as it can go. This will give you enough of a long shot to include your clothing. The trick here is to take the selfie without the stick or its shadows appearing in the shot. To do this, you can try tilting the camera slightly forward while raising the stick so that it’s just above eye level. Don’t be afraid to experiment and move the stick around until you find the perspective that gets your full outfit at a flattering angle. 

  • Selfie Stands, Mounts, And Tripods 

Taking outfit selfies with still and free-standing equipment is all about playing with distance. This is because you’ll want to ensure that your garments are in the shot while your face and body are still visible and aren’t too far that your camera starts to blur. In this case, if you want to only take the top half of your outfit, you can stand closer while a full outfit requires either standing, crouching, sitting, or side kneeling to show your shoes and create cool dimensions. 

The most important aspect to get right is positioning yourself in the exact center frame so that no parts of your body or clothing get cut off. If you’re using a desk stand and mounts, you’ll have to stand further back and use a timer. Tripods with ring or selfie lights can be height adjusted and remote operated, so they should ideally be in line or just above your head for a full shot. 


You can take the best outfit selfies by using a combination of the correct camera angles, lighting, and poses. Additionally, you can use props and objects to make photo capture easier. The most important tips to keep in mind are facing your light source, staying centered on the camera to prevent cropouts, and using poses to create dimensions. 

Your phone or camera should remain in a vertical position where you can slant it to find the best position if you’re holding it or at head level when using the equipment. All these steps can help you produce catalog-worthy selfies.