We all know disagreements will be emotional, especially during a pandemic.

As States reputably open, it’s no brainer that individuals without question will take the time to reconnect go back where they left off with friends and even family. But, given certain circumstances of this pandemic is still at large and with no vaccine. During these times can be seen as uncertain. Keep in mind that it’s essential to set social distancing as a boundary with others to keep everyone safe and even healthy. However, while some people respect their request, especially if they have precondition or general don’t want to get infected, it’s self-explanatory.

By denying you this opinion or not listening to what you’re saying, your family and friends can cause issues and even arguments.

Bottom line everyone needs to take this perilously.

  1. Determine your boundaries previously.

Before you or even me who are having hug withdrawals from my friends and even family members who live abroad, hanging oy with my friends, means a lot, especially as an international student. But due to this pandemic, it’s been non-existent.

. The judgment is up to you but always keeps it safe regarding social distancing, and its boundaries but makes it aware of what you want and make it dangerous. We’re all learning on a new level of change due to circumstances but, we also know that not everyone around us will take these current events of change dangerous as you. This can be troubling.

2.The Emphasis on your Comfort Level

Yes, the atmosphere is scary right now, and people are plain crazy.

With your life and space on the line, death isn’t an option seriously; it’s regular for people to become extremely sensitive. Because they’re either frightened or misinformed. Especially when considering boundaries, when feelings get extreme during a conversation and eventually it might get out of hand, try to step an aside and self-reflect and put you first. 

  1. Think of your Comfortability

When going out with your friends during these time anxiety and anger is at a whole time high with uncertainty, misinformation and that may fill with ignorance. You find some of your friends aren’t taking it seriously and most likely will guilt trip you.

But as a Caribbean mother would and always say, “you were born by yourself, that all know.”

Which means you weren’t born with your friends either the connection beyond this universe you can’t influence them to make the right decisions during these scary times. Do what’s right for you and your family’s safety. I know one thing there will not be any COVID parties around here.

Just say hi through the window. There’s always facetime.

  1. Keep Your Head on Straight and Stand your Ground.

Remember No means no, which means I said no, I’m not leaving my house.”

 It can be very stressful when a buddy or even a family member doesn’t’ agree with your point regarding your safety.  It doesn’t mean having a selective hearing focus on what you can only control, rather than what you can’t, especially when you’re hanging out in person. Whatever and Whenever that will ever occur. This can be an excellent time for reflection and dig a little deeper, especially during these times.