It’s not often you receive the gift of knowledge from a powerhouse businesswoman, but when you do – you LISTEN. Gain key advice from Author, Entrepreneur, Influencer, Motivational Speaker, Alicia A. Williams in this exclusive interview.

How does it feel being a businesswoman especially in this generation?

Being a businesswoman in this generation is empowering! I simply love hearing the “Go Get It Girl” chants across the social media platforms, conference rooms and tables.  Generation Z have excitedly welcomed being your own boss with confidence. As a businesswoman, I have been able to define what success looks like for me. This generation continues to push the envelope with entrepreneurship in innovative ways through technology. Thus, giving women in business like myself a sense of freedom and the opportunity to have success working and building a business remotely.

What motivates you the most to continue pushing your dreams as a top priority?

My family is my WHY and what motivates me daily to keep pushing towards my dreams. Additionally, the personal drive and fulfillment of inspiring, encouraging and empowering women to see the greatness that lies within them. We as women, are one of God’s greatest creations. The power, strength and beauty (inside and out) we possess is our superpower. I am passionate and motivated daily to help women discover the power of their untold stories.

What mindset do you feel is necessary when entering the field of business?

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted. Your mindset matters. As Buddha stated, “What you think, you become.” Choose your mind-set, be determined- not just in strength, fortitude and persistence, but be willing and ready to fight to win in whatever you do. Entering the field of business with a champion’s mindset sets you apart from your competitors. Although, you may not know it all or have it all together, it is not your intelligence alone, but your determination that will lead you towards success in business.

What are some personal tips that you can give to up-and-coming women of business?

Five tips I would give to up-and-coming women of business:

Pray – Prayer is included in my business plan. For my women of faith, you know we can not make it happen without him.

Be You – It’s too many carbon copies out there. Authenticity matters and is key. As I often like to say and practically live by, “No one is you, and that is your SUPERPOWER.”

Believe In You – Exude confidence in your brand and company. Resolve to succeed. Know that you can succeed (you can!) and got get it.

Open your mouth – A closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Ask for help when in need. Seek mentorship, you don’t have to do this along.

Trust the process – There is no microwave success to this, be willing do the work without watching the clock. Stay hungry and coachable along the way of building and growing your business.

As a woman first, what would you say is the most important when becoming your own boss?

As a woman, the most important thing to me when becoming my own boss was knowing my only competition was me. It was me vs me only. Compete with no one.  Surround yourself with other women who push you to level up as a woman in business.  Building relationships with women who are winning in your respective arena is key. Empowered women, empower women.

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