Lovinah Supernatural Skincare invites you to fall in love with saturating and luxuriating your skin in nature’s finest and most fruitful ingredients, thus transforming your skin regimen into a skin ritual. The founding creatress and CEO behind the brand—Joy Ekhator, revealed to Sheen Magazine her top five magical products that have the competency to evolve your skins texture and tone, improve clarity and complexion, and leave you feeling young and timeless. 

Dragon’s Blood Dark Spot Correcting Serum

Up your skins ante, with the anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antioxidant qualities contained in Lovinah’s Dragon’s Blood Dark Spot Correcting Serum. Extracted from the Sangre de Drago Tree, the tree’s taspine rich sap was used in ancient times to nurture healing and has been treasured for the nourishing, hydrating, and anti-inflammatory effects of its dark red resin.

Retinal-C & EGF Anti-Aging Serum

One of the primary ingredients in this high performance Advanced Retinal Serum, is quite literally iconic. Five percent of Iconic A (0.20% retinaldehyde), multiplied by the exoticness of the Rambutan fruit and collagen correcting and calming Bakuchiol, add in glow and brightness and it equals raised skin vibrations.  

Royal-C Advanced 30% Vitamin-C Antioxidant and Rapid Pigment Correcting Serum

Drench and defend your dermis in decadence, when you add the Royal-C Rapid Pigment Correcting Serum to your skincare drip. This supercharging serum right here, is designed to illuminate, hydrate and combat anything that is in opposition to your pigment. 

Blue Lotus Plant Stem Cell & Ceramide Barrier Repair Beauty Elixir

Lovinah’s soothing, sacred and satiny high performance Blue Lotus Intense Stem Cell Elixir, improves damaged and dehydrated skin. Blue tansy, German blue chamomile, blue cypress, and blue yarrow pure oils are the calming blues contained in this skin inclusive magical potion. 

Dragon’s Blood BHA Pore Cleansing Oil

Remove debris and restore luxury with Lovinah’s Dragon’s Blood BHA Pore cleansing oil. Beta hydroxy acids give congested skin the chance to breathe again, with regular use of this gentle exfoliating cleanser, allow your skin to receive optimum nourishment. 

Lovinah Supernatural Skincare’s assignment is the advancement of power for Women and Children by promoting self-care and conjuring the beauty from within to be seen without. Delve into, find Lovinah in-store at Macy’s and stay tapped in via social media at @LovinahSkincare

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Lovinah