Women now you know it always comes to a time where you are wondering does he or doesn’t he like me? Am I right or wrong? Well I am here to give you the real no longer will you need to ask those questions! Because if a man wants YOU honey you will know! So here are 5 signs that are a clear indication you might want to rethink this guy so grab your pen and paper!

  1. He doesn’t respond to any of your calls or texts – If a man is interested no matter what he is doing, he will find the time to let you know you are worth it! If he takes hours to respond and you see him on social media while you’re waiting that’s a clear indication he’s not that into you!
  2. He doesn’t make time for you – We are all busy work jobs, some are parents and have a lot going on however we all make time for what we want to. When a man is interested he is going to prove that you are a priority and don’t have to worry if he’s interested. When you have to fight for his attention that is a sign you might want to find a new interest.
  3. He doesn’t take you on a DATE! Girl you might want to run that is a tale-tale sign if all Mr. wants to do is hang out in your place or his. A man that sees you as a queen is going to treat you as such. He is going to want to show you off to everyone and take you out show you a good time. Ladies.I don’t mean McDonald’s I mean a nice thoughtful dinner on the town, paint night, and possibly meeting his friends. If that’s not what you have girl I will tell you again RUN!
  4. He is not a gentleman or respectful – Unfortunately, men treat you based off how they feel you should be treated. If you allow a man to treat you like a doormat with no standards, he will not respect you. If you have standards and they see that you uphold yourself like a Queen you are he will worship the ground you walk on. So uphold Queen status and your King will find and respect you!
  5. You never meet his family or friends – Men do not tend to bring a woman around their love ones unless they have some type of feelings for this female. If he is bringing you around his family and friends during the holidays, or inviting you to watch sports with him and his friends you might have scored a good one! If you are not meeting his friends and family time to make a mental note and walk away.

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