As the weather shifts it is important for us to know how to care for our skin.

Skincare guru & Esthetician, Kimo Bentley has spent the last 17 years perfecting her craft and has 5 steps that every woman of color should know to ensure great skincare.

1. CLEANSE– Cleansing is extremely important we love using our Activated charcoal mask/daily face wash. It is gentle enough to use daily to remove build up, yet powerful enough to provide great exfoliation, all while detoxifying the skin with activated charcoal as well as give it a glow.

2. HYDRATE– Hydration is one of the most important things we can do to skin. Part of visible aging is when skin appears dehydrated, it’s lack of luster and glow. The Kimo Bentley daily hydrator has critical ingredients such as rose water, orange blossom and turmeric just to name a few. There are actually 7 powerful ingredients in just this one bottle that will hydrate you skin all day and leave it forever healthy looking

3. MOISTURIZE– Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, I just cannot say this enough, we tend to forget to moisturize the skin, because we feel that it is not important. Moisturizer protects the skin from extreme dryness or excessive oilyness and also aids to balance the ph levels in the skin preventing future break out and further skin problems.  Our daily moisturizer is lightweight with the active ingredient of turmeric powder which is anti inflammatory.

4. TREAT– Facials and professional skincare is important. Monthly facials are required for maintenance, I like to call it skin fitness. Deep cleaning facials that detoxify and clears pores are beneficial as they allow products to penetrate the skin. If you are experiencing issues such as discoloration, blemishes or uneven skin, seeking professional help is always the way to go. At the Kimo Bentley Skincare Clinic we specialize in treating skin of color with all of the latest technology and services.

5. PROTECT– SPF or  SUN Protection Factor need to be 30 or higher, we are filled with melanin already and the sun can further stimulate more pigment in the skin causing uneven skin tone and sunspots which can take years to remove. The skin has memory so we need to be kind to it so it will be kind to us later in life. The sun is the number one factor in rapidly aging the skin. UVB rays and uva are present even on cloudy days always remember to reapply your sun protection when outdoors for long hours. Elta MD is a great choice for your daily sunscreen.

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