Bay Area rapper, Saweetie has been in her bag since she was first introduced to the music industry. She recently dropped her newest single, “Closer,” featuring H.E.R, which caught the attention of many social media users who referred to the song as “Forever 21 Music”. Of course, Saweetie positively used this criticism, creating a Tik Tok of her ‘walking’ through Forever 21 as her song played. Her ability to take anything and make it ‘creative marketing’ is why she’s holding her spot, not just in the music industry but also in other sectors. Here are five things you should know about Saweetie.

She’s nominated for two Grammys.

If you didn’t know, Saweetie is a first-time Grammy-nominated rapper at this year’s Grammy Awards. She’s nominated for best new artist and best rap song.

She’s a college graduate.

Saweetie always credits going to college for the business side of her success. The “Best Friend” rapper states that not only does she secure brand deals, but she also likes to build relationships with company owners to get a sense of how they made billion-dollar companies. Saweetie has a bachelor’s in communication.

 She’s known as the creative marketing Queen.

Marketing is imperative for brands and businesses, but only one celebrity takes matters into their own hands— and that’s Saweetie. Not only is she the star in the creative social media videos, but she’s usually the one who comes up with the idea and direction for the production. When you think of creative marketing, you think of Saweetie.

She gained exposure by posting car freestyle videos to Instagram.

Who said social media couldn’t change lives? Saweetie was determined to get her rap career started, so she began posting freestyles in her car to Instagram. As her audience began to tune in, she dropped her hit single, “Icy Girl.” The rest was history.

She knows how to get a bag with brand deals.

No one knows how to get a brand deal better than Saweetie. The rapper secured the bag with PrettyLittleThing, Morphe, Mcdonalds, and more. With a $4 million net worth, we’re sure the bag will get even bigger this year for the Icy girl!