Serial Entrepreneur, event manager and diversity expert Tatiana Grant believes that planning events for 2021 should be a priority to entertainment and sports organizations. With over 20+ years in the business, Detroit native Grant has done her fair share of rebuilding with everyone benefiting. Here are five tips of things to consider when planning for your 2021 events calendar.

  1. Defer to the experts – Health & safety agencies, experts and the CDC website. Additionally, in Michigan, I served on the State of Michigan’s Entertainment Industry’s Workgroup, specifically the outdoor events subcommittee. Find our overall recommendations HERE (note: they are not yet approved by the State). Furthermore, my team is assembling experts and key vendors to get “co-op”-type pricing on the needed items for our new normal. I can be contacted to be included in our co-op.
  2. Start with what you can control…your team. During this pandemic, I lost a business partner,(2050 Partners, Inc.)and had to provide an array of support to my team. That said, ensure empathy, open communications, clear expectations, and vulnerability in letting your team know how much you need them during this time. As we begin to host and produce events, everyone has to do their part, especially those who work for us. People are not likely going to be fully comfortable going to events, so make sure your team knows that anxiety will be high and this is all new to people; so patience will be key. They also need to be aware of their own health and need to adhere to your processes. We encourage self care and rest with our team members, especially during this time.
  3. Know your “numbers.” During this “new normal” our business models are being flipped on their heads. For us, we are digging deep into our numbers; attendance with new capacity, expenses to be incurred for safety, possible decrease in sponsorship revenue, less ticket sales, possible increases in insurance policies, and overall ROI. We are working with event planners and producers with veteran industry experience. I can be contacted to further provide assistance with this.
  4. Process, train, adapt. Let’s use our event planning heads and think through every possible scenario (as we already do) and have the processes in place (according to the CDC, state and local municipalities). Then train your staff on the implementation, have mock ingress and egress drills, etc. Adapt, and have contingency plans!
  5. Pray. I pray for my clients, events, good weather, seamless execution, positive vibes of team members and guests, and the list goes on. Based on the state of society, life and business, I believe prayers need to go up for our health and safety in getting through this pandemic, our industry, and our society’s breakdowns and divisions.