Leather bags are a fashionable accessory to compliment your attire, and when you want to change how your bag looks, there are a few upgrades to try.

Leather bags are a timeless staple in fashion, with their classic image of elegance and sophistication. A well-chosen leather bag elevates any outfit and lasts you for years, and if you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need some upgrades. Use these unique ways to upgrade your leather bag without buying a brand-new one.

1. Add Chains

Chains transform a simple leather handbag into a modern, stylish accessory, adding toughness to the refined leather. Use different chain sizes and styles for a versatile look. Larger chain links give a bold statement, while finer chains add a subtle shine.

 You can attach these chains to the straps of your bag or create a cross-body chain for a more customized feel. One of the benefits of the attachable chains is their easy removability if you want to switch up your look.

2. Add Scarves

As one of the most versatile accessories for your leather bag, scarves come in various colors, patterns, and textures, making them the perfect tools for a standout style. Whether you need to cover a scratch, protect the handles of your bag, or add a pop of color, a scarf is a unique way to upgrade your leather bag. 

Play around with silk for a touch of elegance, or wear a chunky knit in the winter for a cozy, chic feel. Scarves offer endless opportunities to express your personality. And with timeless styles like the Hermes silk scarf, you’ll further enhance your leather bag’s luxurious feel.

3. Add Tassels

Tassels are key players in the fashion game. Whether you choose suede, leather, or metal, tassels bring movement and flair to your bag. These accessories may be elegant or bohemian, depending on the style of tassel you select. 

On a night out, a few metal tassels will catch the light beautifully, while softer suede tassels will make a bold daytime statement. Adding a single tassel to the zipper makes finding your keys a breeze.

4. Add New Handles

Give your bag a facelift with updated handles. There are various types of leather bag handles, such as shoulder or chain handles. Since they can become the first part of a bag to show signs of wear, new handles drastically change a leather bag’s look and feel. 

Whether you need a longer length for a more casual cross-body style or a thick, short strap for a whimsical twist, the choice is yours. You may find that adding wooden or acrylic handles brings an entirely different design to life. 

5. Add Pins

Wear your heart on your bag with decorative pins. Bag pins are fun and often overlooked accessories that help you express your style. From sophisticated gold monograms to quirky enamel pins, they provide a simple way to personalize your bag. 

You could be obsessed with pineapples or have a penchant for pizza, and pins can reflect this. They’re small but mighty in making a big statement. Pin them on your bag or its strap in a place where they won’t disrupt the bag’s lines or structure.