There is nothing better than the amazing feeling of waking up so close to the beach that you can literally hear the waves crashing.  That was me when I was on my ever so relaxing family vacation.  It was 7:30 am, I woke up feeling refreshed, my children and husband were still sleeping and I was in the state of bliss. I rolled over and saw that my phone light was on. Suddenly my perfect morning had gone from amazing to an instant stress feeling.

As an entrepreneur we sometimes have the habit of making our clients emergencies, our emergencies. This is a bad habit to form. It got to a point that whenever I saw an email or a text come to my phone I automatically gave it my attention and my day would have to be about that person. This was a daily thing. It would go from emails, to texts, to calls, to meeting requests and a continuing downward spiral until I was exhausted. Does any of this sound familiar to you? It got to a point where I had to tell myself, ‘This is only happening because you’re letting it happen.’

I have put together five tips that have helped me keep my stress in check as an entrepreneur.

1. Stretch

Did you know that when you’re stressed, your muscles get tense? The first thing to do after you open your eyes and step out of bed is take a long, relaxing stretch. This will help loosen up your muscles and help you feel just a little more refreshed.  We all know that exercise is key, but we have to be honest with ourselves. Some of us simply don’t feel like exercising everyday or we have not put aside the time. According to Wellness Corporate Solutions stretching stretching has numerous health benefits. It can improve energy levels, promote blood circulation, improve posture, and possibly even decrease lower back pain. By relieving all the tension you have in your muscles when you stretch you are allowing.the muscles to let go of the stress you are carrying. This makes for a great day and even a better night’s sleep.

2. Eat Better

Having a well balanced diet will help you feel better overall but the best part is that a roper diet can reduce the impact of stress by strengthening the immune system, stabilizing moods, and reducing blood pressure. Don’t get so tied up in work that you forget to eat and be sure to include vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and especially Omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty fish, nuts and seeds have been proven to reduce surges of stress hormones. Read more about on Science Direct.

3. Say No

The best thing you can do for yourself is create boundaries. Saying yes to everything because you want to be nice and help people will lead to more stress in your life. Learning to say “no” is possibly one of the most effective ways to reduce stress in interpersonal relationships. You must decide what’s important and the things you have to do. Say “no” to taking on too much. Once you become more comfortable with saying “no” you will find that people will learn to respect you time and they will learn your boundaries without you having to tell them.

4. Let Go of the Control 

There are some people who seem to always be content. Even when they don’t receive the greatest news it never seems to alter their day too much. You can still catch them smiling and being their regular positive self, despite the circumstances. There are other people who let the most minor things affect their entire week. Some things in life are simply beyond our control. If you choose to react to every situation that you can’t possibly change, you are inviting stress into your life. You have to understand that you will never be able to force things to be in your favor or go the way you envisioned. When you feel yourself getting worked up over a situation, step back.  Learn how to walk away,  relax, and enjoy the things that are within your sphere of influence. Don’t stress. Be the person who chooses to remain positive through it all.

5. Be Free From Your Phone

According to the latest report from IDC Research, which examined habits of smartphone users, 79% of adult smartphone users have their phones with them for 22 hours a day. Further research showed 80% of smartphone users check their mobile devices within 15 minutes of waking up each morning. Does this sound like you? For the first hour after you wake up make it all about you.  Stretch your body, take a hot shower, relax, and be thankful for life. Don’t immediately pick up your phone to see what awaits you. Set the tone for your day by creating feelings of happiness and gratitude, not  a feeling of stress.

These are simple tips to implement in your everyday life to keep your stress in check and overall make you a happier, more energized person.  For more advice on mastering your mental wellness follow @TinaSaidSo on Instagram.