Your outfit is the first thing people see, so you want to make sure it’s saying what you want it to. If you’re going for a job interview, you’ll want to look polished and professional. If you’re going on a date, you’ll want to look fun and flirty. And if you’re just hanging out with friends, you’ll want to look comfortable and stylish. No matter your outfit’s purpose, there are a few easy ways to make it stand out.

1. Add a Pop of Color With a Brightly Colored Accessory
Broader colors are usually considered the last option in dressing, but it’s a way of differentiating your outfits from the crowd. Bright colors are attractive and noticeable. However, natural colors with bright colors are a style that will make you different from the pack.
A nice combination is a gray necklace or headwrap combined with a black outfit. You can also add a pop of color by wearing a clothing piece with a colorful vibe which you can find with the help of this review. Combining colors is a fashionable way to get the crowd’s attention without affecting your style.

2. Mix and Match Patterns to Create a Unique Look
Pattern or print is a way to tell people you choose your outfit after much thought. It’s a way of referring to non-solid color clothing. A pattern is a repeated design, while a print is better on fabric than woven or embroidered.
For example, the gingham is woven into checkered cloth from a dyed cotton fabric; they come in white and other colors. When it comes to stripes, you can expect different styles like pinstripes which have narrow stripes and are best on dark-colored suits; animal prints are woven to represent the portrayed animal. Plains are multicolored with vertical and horizontal stripes. You can mix patterns with neutral colors like a printed shirt and a blazer; unattractive colors with the pattern.

3. Wear Clothes that Fit Well – It’ll Make You Look More Put Together
Classic clothing is usually woven to fit but not too tight but exposes your shape. Put on a skirt above the knee, and for trousers, ensure they are straight, slightly wide, and half inches above ground level. You can try wide or skinny-leg pants that stop at the ankle.
Other options are blazers, blouses, and sweatshirts that should curve at the waist area. A tailor is there to adjust the cloth to your fitting. This adjustment may seem like an extra expense, but quality cloth will last longer, unlike cheap clothes that are often replaced. For ladies, a flowy maxi skirt will fit with a button-down shirt, and rolled sleeves add flamboyance.

4. Accessorize With Jewelry, Hats, or Scarves
An accessory adds style and makes a difference in an outfit. You can use a funky hat, bright scarf, or flashy jewelry to upgrade your looks. A quality accessory can easily be repeated and still looks attractive. They are also luxury that acts as a finishing touch to an outfit.
For example, you can wear a necklace or colorful earrings with jeans and plain T-shirts. Another outfit is adding a belt or scarf with a dress or skirt to perfect the looks. Bright colors are another aspect to try for creative and daring individuals. But if you’re shy, remain on a neutral accessory until you’re ready to experiment.

5. Choose Interesting Fabrics Like Lace or Velvet
Classic fabrics are ageless. Shop for cotton, silk, or linen because of their quality. You can expect all eyes on you when you clean and press these fabrics. They are woven in different colors and can be used by boho, street, and minimalist. Chino cotton will work well with a blazer or moto jacket. Cashmere sweaters, V-necks, crewneck pullovers, or cardigans combined with denim jeans, pants, or skirts.

6. Embrace Your Personal Style
Personal style is something you are known for and is relevant for outfits. The style increases confidence and creates a great feeling of calmness. You can try a bohemian, minimal, classic, or street but ensure the combination is classic. But if you lack a personal style, here is a tip. Check your wardrobe for patterns or solids, flirty or conservative, and combine neutral colors from your favorite clothes.

Cover Photo by Photo by Godisable Jacob