Throughout your cruise through life, you experience some high and low moments, and all you need is a little pick me up to tide you through. Sometimes it’s in the form of a person, a quote or even something delicious to munch on.

In his journey, Emilie Kirchgesner has experienced obstacles and challenges that have taught him many important lessons. From that well of knowledge, he shares with us meaningful lessons that will help you through life.

In your Professional life

It is not easy to crush it in your professional life, whether you’re an entrepreneur or in employment. “When things get tough, keep moving,” advises Kirchgesner. In his experience, he has found that if you don’t give up or take a step back due to challenges, you can solve the challenge facing you.

“A positive mindset will crumble any walls of odds stacked against you.” True to this, Kirchgesner mentions that your attitude towards anything you face in life determines how well you handle it. Your mindset can keep you shackled to a path that doesn’t lead you anywhere.

Kirchgesner also emphasizes the need to “always remember that there are new landscapes to explore and bigger goals to chase down.” The only limit you have in life is your imagination; you can achieve anything you put your mind to. It is also important to “remember to diversify your skills.”

In your Personal life

In personal life, Kirchgesner says, “you should find something that helps you start your morning on a high. Every morning I spend an hour listening to music.” Do something that prepares your mind and body for a new day.

“A life of imbalance is riskier than any professional venture.” A lot of times, people focus their attention on one aspect of life and forget the other. Don’t forget that your personal and professional lives should not be too far apart, if not in tandem.

“Trying new things is how you learn what works and what doesn’t,” says Gee, similar to don’t knock it until you try it. If you’re going to crush it in life, you need to try new things, put your ideas to practice and learn from those that don’t work; focus on those that do.

In a perfect world, everyone lives their dream life, and Kirchgesner says that it’s not impossible. You can achieve your dream life if you work for it.



Featured Image courtesy of Emilie Kirchgesner