When is there ever a time we should not be celebrating natural hair? Women want to feel confident and to learn about how they can empower themselves through beauty. BLK Room – The Hair Experience is a virtual hair expo that you need to familiarize yourself with. Through this expo, women are talking all things hair through conversation, commerce, cultivation, and cocktails. We spoke with the co-founder, Desiry Witherspoon to discuss the inspiration behind creating Blk Room Project and more!

First off, how did BLK Room get started?

BLK Room Project got started once we realized we were being boxed in creatively by budget constraints from our day jobs and our personal network. There’s so much that we wanted to do, literally so much, but we could not get to that next level to show our true potential when it came to experiential activation and event creation on a larger scale. So to make that happen we needed to step out on our own to discover our true potential.

Can you tell us about The Hair Experience Virtual Expo?

Yes! BLK Room – The Hair Experience is everything “Curly Girl” from the conversations to our partners. This is a Virtual Expo Experience that consist of panel discussions, virtual reception with networking opportunity, virtual vendor booths, curated playlist, live entertainment, cocktails and more. Within this experience we have a chance to connect, a reason to get dressed from the waist up and love on our hair.

What can attendees sext to see?

Color, lots of color from the virtual venue signage and atmosphere to the hair colors of our attendees and Bright Cellars signature cocktail.

Wil there be more events planned through BLK in the upcoming months?

Yes, we plan on creating this experience twice per year and turning this experience into a physical event once the world of large events re-opens, we cannot wait for that day. And possibly creating experiences focusing on a few different industries. But we cannot spill on the tea just yet.

What can we expect from BLK Room in the future?

Expect that BLK Room Project will introduce dope concepts and memorable moments for our culture. This time has given us opportunity to reflect on our talents and gifts and we are excited to share the with our audience.

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