Who is Anisha Shorter, behind the brand BICONICAL Group?

Anisha Chanae is a light; fun-spirited, compassionate, spiritually led woman who is always looking for a joyful moment. I am a big goofball and make humor a big part of most of my days. I love to see people happy, to be happy myself and I typically find myself in those spaces. I am big on family, I love to skate, music, and I LOVE fashion! I’m everyone’s favorite hang out partner!

What is BICONICAL Group?

BICONICAL Group, pronounced as “Be Iconic” with an “Al”, is a pyramid of services with a foundation of inspiration and positive influence. Our services include: event planning, brand experience development/directing, event design, event production, public relations, brand sponsorship retrieval, event crisis management, and project management. As time proceeds, the list of things BICONICAL  Group can accomplish increases by the day. Leading with the definition of ICONIC: to be increasingly inspiring, successful and influential (pertaining to you the client).

What does it mean to you to be the few entrepreneurs to last pass the pandemic?

I feel blessed beyond belief to have endured the pandemic crisis of COVID-19 and still be running. My condolences to all of those who have lost someone and to those who have suffered from the crisis. It was a very difficult time to endure such tragedy and still manage to sustain a business. I continued to pray through it, self-funded my business, no ppp loans or any financial assistance, and although it was a challenge, and I am still recouping from it, I am grateful I was able to push through.

What inspired you to start your business ?

As a child I had a birthday party every year that I helped my parents plan for me. In my middle school and high school years I was a member of the ASB group and helped planned school festivities for the sport teams, thespians, and small clubs. Following that, I saw the Wedding Planner movie starring Jennifer Lopez one time and found my passion right then. I believe my entire life has been my inspiration for being in an industry driven to support good memories, public relations, support and growth for several groups/entities, etc.

What are the most important things you have learned as a black female entrepreneur?

Being a black women has its pros and cons all on its own; however being a black female entrepreneur intensifies these highs and lows tremendously. I have learned that as a black woman in business you have a string support system in place. Whether that is  family support, a sisterhood group, or even your church community; support to encourage you through tough times matters. Ialso learned that is perfectly fine to ask for help, seeking mentorship, reach for resources; this doesn’t make you insufficient to the services you provide, it makes you strong and determined enough to do what it takes to reach your goals. Lastly, not everyone will support you and that is ok. A strong mindset that can stay focused on the goal will succeed without anyone standing by you. Trust in GOD!

Who are two female bosses that inspires you?

I am inspired by so many women that I’m not even sure who to choose. But I will. Lead with Ms. Shaunie O’neal-Henderson. Over the course of many years, we watched this woman build not only a platform for other women in her circle to create their own streams of income, but also brought awareness to a community of women who have endured trauma from relationships and lifestyles; and she started it with a reality show that influenced the start of several other black reality shows that have become apart of black culture.

Second female boss I am inspired by is the infamous Oprah Winfrey. Speaking purely on her career, she inspired us to not take no for an answer. Based off of her looks, she was turned away many many times, however she never stopped trying. Her persistence led to her starring in one of most culture movies of our culture, “The Color Purple”, it led to her owning her own Tv Network, magazine, executive producing, and an array of other things. Its her persistence that I am so inspired by.

Photo Credit: @biconicall