It started to what was led to be thought of as a “conversation” the process of this discussion seemed like two friends chopping it up. There was me anxiously waiting for all the tea and there was Myles Truitt (age 19) cool calm and collectively sparing some. Starting off with becoming acquainted with one another Truitt provided the humbleness that is needed when in any industry. Taking time to remember how he first started out in his acting career, he states nothing but passion for his work, but overall, showing promise to rise above any occasion when needed. His reason for wanting to become an actor is based on having choices while growing up to pursue what interested him. “I can kind of say my mom was my inspiration because she made me venture out into different outlets as far as what a kid can like and enjoy doing.”

Having moments such as this one along with the feelings of his first acting career, Truitt showed no mercy when it comes to giving back to those who also believed in his capabilities. Showing praise to his mother by making sure the Truitt name held a meaning. “Reflecting and looking back. I made this my job. I am now an actor my mom has her own management company called JT management – Jackson and Truitt. I’m the co-owner of it. She has actors, rappers, and models all are under us. So, it’s just amazing to see where she landed how we origin from each other.”

Having the experience affect him for the better, Truitt fulfills the momentums by continuing to work. In a new fall season called BMF, Truitt plays as one of the main characters named B-Mickie who is “The crazy trigger-happy guy going through the kind of shit that not necessarily they would do. As far as me considering he’s the lieutenant.”

As the season is ending, Truitt relays the message of what’s to come in store leaving me like most anticipating the final episode. Thankfully making me feel less anxious, Truitt end the topic helping make a certain situation within the last episode very clear as to what was meant to lead in the last moment of this season. All that was left was nothing but “three niggas, and two guns.” But like most conversations, this one soon ends. Leaving with what is expected to be seen in the following months, Truitt discusses his upcoming projects along with keeping things under wraps. When asked what the main goal/focus throughout his journey as a developing actor is, Truitt remains what was earlier stated as “needed in any industry,” Humility. “Be humble, stay humble. Because at any and every chance that what I’m doing can be taken away from there aren’t a lot of handicap roles. So, at the end of the day, everything is temporary. So, I just try to stay humble, and I try to keep that mentality going for me. Don’t take anything for granted. I’m proud of myself for that.”

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