Today we celebrate an inspiring journey – the story of Queensly Ajibola. She’s the driving force behind Havilah Beauty Supply, a store in Jamaica Queens that’s been thriving for ten years. Her story is one of strength and determination.

Queensly pursued her nursing studies between 2006-2008, and her husband Tunde Ajibola took a shot at entrepreneurship, facing both triumphs and tough times. They navigated debts and challenging stretches while caring for their four kids: Princess, William, Israel, and Elizabeth.

In 2009, Queensly graduated from nursing school with dreams for the future. But life took an unexpected turn – her husband passed away just six months later. She was not only grieving but also had to support her four young kids and manage finances. Despite these difficulties, Queensly held onto her determination.

Then, everything changed for Queensly. “I realized my nursing salary wouldn’t cut it. It was 2009, a time of crisis in America. For two years, I strategized, planned, and saved. I knew I wanted to open a Black Owned Beauty Supply Store, my daughter Princess pointed out the lack of our own stores in the neighborhood.” But it wasn’t a smooth ride. The beauty supply field was mostly controlled by Korean wholesalers, and the odds were against her. Still, she didn’t let that discourage her.

Starting a business in a field where Asians dominated wasn’t easy. According to McKinsey, “Black-owned brands only make up 2.5% of beauty industry revenue, but Black consumers contribute 11.1% of beauty spending.” This shows the lack of Black-owned brands in the industry and the inequality that exists.

Queensly’s journey emphasizes the need for more diversity and fairness in the beauty supply world. Her success demonstrates that anyone can make a difference, no matter the challenges.

Now, Havilah Beauty Supply celebrates its ten-year milestone. It’s not just a shop; it’s a symbol of courage and community. Queensly’s story reminds us that we can conquer obstacles and achieve our dreams. As she says, “Nothing is impossible, you can do it. If you’re passionate about it? Dream it, plan for it, and finally go for it! Trust that God has your back.”