Raina Poré of Detroit, MI, is currently based in Los Angeles and has been servicing the greater Los Angeles area through her catering company, Poré Private Chefs LLC, for the last 5 years. She got her start working in the entertainment industry as an artist and songwriter, which is how she built her network of clients. Raina is known for her quick-witted personality, attention to detail, and ability to work well under pressure, all while creating mouthwatering dishes with a Southern-Style approach.

As a self-taught Chef, Raina takes pride in facing challenges head-on, being committed to her craft, and constantly learning new techniques. Her love for creating & experimenting with flavors has led to her new sought-after business venture, an all-purpose seasoning blend, called TASTE.

Growing up, Chef Raina spent a lot of time in the kitchen, helping her grandparents and working in their family restaurant to gain knowledge and experience. While she loves to host & bring people together for a great time, cooking has always been second nature to her. Most of Raina’s best dishes are attached to her favorite childhood memories & some stemming from her experiences while traveling the world, in pursuit of other creative endeavors, Chef Raina is always eager to expand her pallet. She believes each plate is a canvas and gives the opportunity to pair art with her food. Her passion and dedication have led to her cooking for young music industry professionals and well-known industry vets. Raina has truly created a lane for herself as a superstar Chef. She is currently writing her first cookbook, which will be available in the near future.

She doesn’t have a list of chefs that inspire her, but any black women chefs of a culinary background that have gone after their dreams inspire her greatly. A lot of women have made their own lane and paved the way for young black female chefs like herself. So those are her inspirations and in hopes, she can aspire to do the same for the women who come in after her.

Obstacles Poré shared she has faced as a black female chef would be gender discrimination, physical ability, and sexism in certain environments. Although she is up for a challenge, she surrounds herself with like-minded- individuals, who approach each job and or collaboration with respect. Working in this industry should be full of fun, work ethic, and teachable moments.


Photo Credit: Chef Poré