As a warm welcome to spring, Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty line launched an eyeshadow pallet composed of warm and radiant tones–what better way to kick off the start of spring. Since launching in the Fall of 2020, Gomez’s beauty line has welcomed many products. Continuing to do so, the line just released its new Always an Optimist Pore Diffusing Primer to add to the collection.

Gomez single-handly chose Alissa Ashley, influencer and photographer, to highlight the new product in the lines In My Prime campaign.

Gomez recognized Alissa Ashley’s talents through her work, which can be seen and followed on Instagram. The creativity and passion portrayed in Ashley’s work made It easy for Gomez to give her complete creative control to capture the subjects in their prime.


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In the video above, Ashley and Gomez discuss what drives their creativity and the overall vision for the campaign.

“I had this idea for a campaign, and it was going to be called In My Prime, and I wanted it to be a photography series of basically people showcasing who they are in their prime, whether they’re just wearing the primer and nothing else or they do a full face of glam from the eyeshadow palettes. I just wanted it to be about being in your prime and how you feel more than how you look,” Gomez told Ashley. I thought your photography was incredible, and I thought this would be a right fit, that we would get to do this together, and I want you to have full creative control, which is the best part because I kind of can step back and see what you do.”

Photography has always been a hidden passion for Ashley, “I’ve always liked photography, and my aunt bought my first camera off of eBay from this random guy. But I really, really liked it. And then somehow, some way, I got into makeup. I think it was maybe because I watched my mom do it,” Ashley said. She added, “I knew I wanted to do more makeup stuff and then people would ask me to do YouTube videos. [And I was like,] okay, I guess I’ll do that too so I did that and then I don’t know, I feel like it just happened so quickly.”

Ashley has earned herself a very successful career in the beauty influencer world. Combined she has a little over 3 million followers and subscribers on Instagram and Youtube.

Ashley shared that 2019 was her point of realizing that she was at a comfort level with influencing and YouTube and wanted to explore her creativity more,

“I reached a point in my influencer, YouTube career where I feel comfortable and now, I want to feed more of my photography passion. I wanted to take pictures of other people.… I get more enjoyment out of that these days because it’s different. It’s weird. Being in front of the camera, it’s natural now, but being behind is just so much more fun.”



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