Jeff Jenkins, an international travel journalist and renowned Nat Geo Show Host, embarked on his life changing  journey at the young age of 20, embarking from Texas to Japan. Since he has fearlessly pushed the boundaries of exploration, capturing the imaginations of a growing international audience. As the host of “Never Say Never with Jeff Jenkins,” he stands shoulder to shoulder with major movie stars, intrepid explorers, and fellow globetrotting hosts on the same prestigious network.

From heart-stopping ascents up Mount Everest to enduring marathons in extreme climates, and even swimming with sharks, Jeff Jenkins consistently seeks out the most audacious challenges. With each escapade, he forges deep connections with the locals, creating immersive experiences that captivate viewers worldwide.

In an exclusive interview with Sheen, Jeff Jenkins eloquently expressed his unyielding passion for travel, his dedication to stepping outside his comfort zone, and his unwavering desire to connect with people. Throughout the conversation, he also shared some of his most cherished and unforgettable travel tales.

Jeff Jenkins serves as a boundless inspiration for adventurers and wanderers alike, perpetually seeking new frontiers to conquer and thrilling tales to tell. To learn more about Jenkins check out this interview below! 

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