Fighting against the odds, New Jersey based Chef and owner of Urban Cuisine Tori Ruff shows no mercy when expressing her twist on culinary delight. Deciding to give it her all has paid off in a major way as she continues to present her love for cooking through the hunger of others.

How did you get started with catering and private dinners?

I got started with catering and private dinners after I decided to finally take my passion for food and art serious back in 2019. I formed my LLC in February 2020, a month before the shut down and I have been building ever sense.

What made you decide to take this route?

I decided to take this route because it is the most fulfilling to me. I enjoy cooking and being able service to others. It brings be great pleasure to see others satisfied from something I created.

What kinds of dishes mostly specialize in?

Dishes I mostly specialize in will have to be anything soul-bistro related. I oftentimes find myself incorporating traditional soul food dishes with techniques that aren’t conventionally practiced amongst my peers.

How does it feel knowing that you’ve accomplished something that you love?

Knowing that I’ve accomplished something I love feels extremely fulfilling, it lets me know that I can do anything I set my mind to as long as I’m passionate about it. It’s kind of hard to lose when your heart is into something, the universe responds in a way that favors you.

Tell me about your journey so far as a businesswoman.

My journey so far as a businesswoman has been a mixture of rocky, and fulfilling, but also and most importantly, promising. Being in this field is not for the faint of heart. There will be days where it feels as if doesn’t make sense, days you would want to give up and a LOT of days where the support won’t be as consistent as you’d like it to be. I feel like the key is to keep going even in spite of these obstacles. Remember your why!

Through your journey would you say that everything was worth the energy that you’ve put into your brand?

Through my journey I would say without a doubt that everything was worth the energy I’ve invested into my brand. Each day I am growing and perfecting my craft, and to see everyone around me responding in a positive way, giving me my flowers, and encouraging me along the way is what keeps me going. It really takes a village.

What did you want to bring differently from other chefs out there?

What I would like to bring different from other chefs in the industry as myself will have to be my passion for aesthetics. I believe that food is art, and it should be reflected as such.

Overall, would you say that you are proud of the work you’ve put in as an artist?

Overall, I would say that I am proud of the work I’ve put in as an artist. This field allows me to be myself and explore the many creative aspects about me that I am learning along the way. It’s ever evolving.

What are you looking forward to as you continue to grow with your brand?

What I am looking forward to as I continue to grow my brand is to achieve new heights, meet and connect with new people, share my passion amongst others and continue to stay a student.

As a chef, what lesson would you tell those who too have a passion with culinary?

As a chef, what I will tell others who also share the same passion for culinary as myself is to keep going. Even on the bad days, because there will be.

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Photo Credits: Tori Ruff