The City of Angels witnessed a spectacular celebration of fashion and style at TheMovementLA’s 13th Annual LAFW SS24 Fashion Show, held at the illustrious LEVEL Downtown LA. The night unfolded into a breathtaking mosaic of glamour and sophistication as attendees graced the red carpet to mark the 13th anniversary of this iconic fashion event.

The evening commenced with a burst of energy, courtesy of the dynamic hosting duo – the effervescent Bambi from “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” and the multitalented recording artist Septimius The Great. Together, they masterfully set the stage for a night that promised to showcase the epitome of haute couture.

The coveted front row was a constellation of stars, including branding genius Miss Diddy, celebrity personality Shantell Jackson, mega content creator Kelz, R&B/Pop Artist Ylona Garcia, head of content at All Def Patrick Cloud, fashion designer Paige Leneigh, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Paris Phillips, and many more. Their presence added an extra layer of glitz to an already star-studded affair.

Behind the scenes orchestrating this grand affair was the visionary Kisha Waters, the genius behind TheMovementLA. Not only did she curate a stellar lineup of designers, but she also graced the runway herself, unveiling her latest collection for K. Waters Fashions GGI, leaving the audience in awe of her creativity.

Showcasing Ten Fashion Collections:

The spotlight then turned to ten exceptional designers, each presenting a unique perspective on style. From the avant-garde creations of Luis Aviles to the urban elegance of Goonz Wit Diamondz by Aisha Black, the runway was a tapestry of diversity and creativity.

The night unfolded with stellar performances by co-host Septimius The Great, Sophia Mojo, and Tori Kay, transforming the event into a sensory feast that transcended traditional fashion shows.

In a touching moment, Akil West of Sole Folks received TMLA’s Fashion Business Guru 2023 Award, a testament to his remarkable contributions in the fashion industry.

VIP Extravaganza:

VIP attendees reveled in luxury, enjoying premium gift bags from Pixi Beauty and Elle & S Apothecary, exclusive access to an open bar, red carpet, and an invite to the 13th Annual TheMovementLA LAFW After Party. Culinary delights by Jewel Creations added the final touch to the VIP experience.

TheMovementLA’s 13th Annual LAFW SS24 Fashion Show proudly holds the distinction of being the longest-running black-owned fashion event in Los Angeles. It stands as a testament to diversity, inclusion, and the pinnacle of black excellence in the world of fashion, leaving an indelible mark on the city’s fashion legacy.

Photos Credits: @goldenhourpv and @caioeyes