The luxurious NeueHouse in New York City was the place to be as celebrities, industry insiders, and fans gathered for the premiere of Tiwa Savage’s highly anticipated film “Water and Garri.” Representing Sheen Magazine, I had the privilege of attending this star-studded event that celebrated not only Savage’s latest creative endeavor but also the unity of diverse talents from across the entertainment spectrum.

According to The Source, the evening underscored the universal appeal of Tiwa Savage’s work, attracting a wide array of attendees from various sectors of American media. From music moguls to film critics, the gathering was a testament to the magnetic pull of Savage’s artistry and the high expectations surrounding her new project, now available on Prime Video. The eclectic mix of guests, drinks in hand and spirits soaring, reveled in the palpable excitement that filled the air.

Tiwa Savage, often hailed as the “Queen of Afrobeats,” has built an illustrious career that spans continents. Born in Nigeria and raised in London, she has consistently pushed the boundaries of music and entertainment. With a discography that includes hits like “All Over” and “Ma Lo,” Savage has garnered a global fanbase and numerous accolades. Her transition into film with “Water and Garri” marks another milestone in her diverse career, showcasing her versatility and commitment to storytelling.


Following the exclusive screening of “Water and Garri,” the celebration continued with an electrifying after party. The energy in the room was infectious, as guests danced, mingled, and shared their excitement for the film’s upcoming wide release. The night was a perfect blend of glamour and creativity, reflecting the essence of Tiwa Savage herself.

Central to the film’s allure is the dynamic chemistry between Tiwa Savage and her male lead, Andrew Yaw Bunting. Bunting’s performance was nothing short of captivating, bringing depth and intensity to his role. His magnetic presence on screen complemented Savage’s radiant brilliance, creating a partnership that elevated “Water and Garri” to new cinematic heights. The sparks between the two leads left audiences buzzing with anticipation for more.


One of the evening’s highlights was a riveting Q&A session moderated by Asia Ware of New York Magazine’s The Cut. The panel featured Tiwa Savage, Andrew Yaw Bunting, director Meji Alabi, and executive producers Jimi Adesanya and Vanessa Amadi. Their discussion provided a fascinating glimpse into the creative process behind “Water and Garri,” shedding light on the collaborative effort and passion that fueled the project. The insights shared by the panelists deepened the audience’s appreciation for the film and its making.

Meanwhile, “Water and Garri” also made waves with its Lagos premiere, receiving resounding applause. Tiwa Savage shared her gratitude on social media, revealing that the Vice President’s office collaborated with her for the event. She extended her thanks to the Special Assistant to the President on Digital and Creative Economy and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for their support. This milestone premiere in Lagos highlights the film’s cultural significance and the pride it brings to Nigerian cinema.

The NYC screening of “Water and Garri” was more than just a film premiere; it was a celebration of Tiwa Savage’s artistic journey and the power of storytelling. As attendees left NeueHouse with hearts full of admiration and excitement, it was clear that Savage’s latest venture had not only met but exceeded expectations. Her magnetic presence, both on and off the screen, continues to inspire and captivate, promising a bright future for “Water and Garri” and all her future endeavors.

Photo Credit: Stefan Bunbury