Keeping your skin glowing day after day, through changing weather patterns, stress, hormones, and just general life stuff, can sometimes feel like an impossible task. One of the keys to this is consistent cleansing with a gentle, non-stripping face cleanser — something that removes any of the dirt and oil clogging your pores, wipes away any trace of makeup, and prepares your skin for the rest of your routine — and we’ve found it. Fresh’s Soy pH-Balanced Hydrating Face Wash is the perfect puzzle piece to fit seamlessly into any skincare routine. Let’s take a look at what makes it so great.

What The Product Does

Fresh’s soy facial cleanser removes all traces of makeup, dirt and impurities without stripping your skin of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy and function well. Packed with goodies like Aloe vera, Cucumber extract and Soy proteins, it also helps to keep your skin balanced and hydrated and your pores clear of any buildup or obstructions. Simply massage onto your face and eyes, then rinse off.


The cleanser comes in three sizes, each at their own price point on the website:

  • Travel size: 6 fl oz for $16
  • Full size: 5 fl oz for $39
  • Jumbo:5 fl oz for $74


Unlike other cleansers we have tried at a similar price point, this texture is really nice. It is a clear colored, gel-like face wash that foams easily when lathered with water on the skin. As it foams, it goes from clear to an opaque white that washes off without excessive scrubbing.


The gel feels light on your skin, so the fact that it works as effectively as it does can come as a surprise. Instead of feeling dry between the washing and serum steps (or washing and moisturizing if you prefer to skip the serum step and keep things extra simple), the skin felt fresh and bouncy.

Any redness that was there to begin was seemingly washed away by this gentle, helpful product after a few days of continuous use. All makeup — including eye makeup — was removed entirely (you’ll need to give your eyes a few good rubs to get mascara off entirely), and even though the face wash is gently scented, there was no skin irritation at all.

After using the product for a few days, it’s clear to see that dry lines are significantly reduced. That pesky redness stayed gone, and skin was soft all over the face and neck. We love the hero ingredients because they’re so gentle and suitable for whoever wants to use this product:

  • Aloe for soothing and hydration
  • Cucumber extract for soothing and cooling
  • Borage seed oil to soften skin
  • Soy proteins to help skin stay smooth and bouncy

Even without any makeup on, after a full cleanse, the skin looks bright, and the complexion looks even. If you’re a little to no makeup person, including this cleanser in your skincare routine is a no-brainer.

What We Love

We love that this product comes in three different sizes at three different price points — that means there’s a way for you to give it a try whether you’re a break-the-bank on skincare person or someone who has to be a little more careful with their spending.

We love that the product is now box-free. That’s right — no unnecessary extra packaging to discard. Reports on the Fresh website say that since Fresh went box-free for their Soy face wash, they’ve saved around 11 tonnes of cardboard in just two years — how’s that for environmentally friendly? Also, the tube is recyclable and contains 21% post-consumer recycled materials to boot.

We love the gentle, fresh cucumber scent and the fact that it causes no irritation — even to the most sensitive skin.

What We Don’t Love

The product does what it says and removes all traces of makeup, but mascara-wearing lashes need an extra scrub, which is not ideal if you have sensitive eyes, lose lashes easily, or wear false lashes.

Do We Recommend This Product?

Yes, and highly, too! Getting so many things — cleansing, pH balancing, makeup removal, and soothing — all in one place means less shopping for you and less time spent on skin maintenance. If you can do all this and still do your part to look after and improve the state of our environment, we’re all in.

We recommend using this face wash both morning and night since it’s so gentle on your skin, and you’ll see results if you follow your