Surrender the thought that comes with fear, is where the opportunity lies. With opportunity comes expansion. To create, grow, and heal. Development Director of Susan G. Komen, Candace Bravo relays a message through her work environment by sharing the important steps she took in order to get to where she is today. Directing a specified layout to the choices given in order to perfect the role she was destined to overcome; Bravo reflects on how breast cancer is centered within the Black community. While discussing her monumental stature, the kit is the humbleness throughout what she does along with knowing her true self that makes it all the while when telling her point of view in the work she prevails. Showcasing an endless guide to what can be achieved.

Summing up results, Bravo enlightens the public eye by bringing much-needed awareness to not only breast cancer but how it can affect many in different cultures, especially within the black community. Furthermore, retrieving collective data to those in need, Bravo voices the root of the annual Susan G. Komen signature event that took place at the beginning of September. Bravo continues her genius ways in what is soon to come in the future. As being a result of the product of her own environment by expressing her beliefs along with bringing what has been needed thus far. That being awareness.

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