Don’t push me away because of my fears, but draw me in because you love me. You want me here but don’t understand why its so hard for me to trust you. I’m trying to share me without being hurt again because I promised myself I would never travel that gullible road again and nothing you’ve shown me thus far says that you will protect me from that place. Give me something that puts fear to shame and awakens the free spirit within. I want to open my heart to you and give you full access to what scares the life out of me even thinking about it but I need to be reassured that you feel the same as I do. Meaning, you desire to share that special place deep inside with no other. You want to see my smile glow in a bright room with all my pearly whites glistening like I just left the best dental doctor in Hollywood. Comfortable enough to do all of those weird corky things I dare not do in front of anyone without judgement. I think about what you’ve shown me thus far and what it means for us but I question whether or not this is just a fling or is it as real for you as it for me. I love you so much it scares me; I’ve never craved someone as much as I crave you. It’s not a sexual desire but its your energy. Your personality glows in ways you could never imagine. You blow my mind every time we’re in time together. Questions of confidence because I’m not sure about what we’re doing but understand I have full control and can back away at anytime, but I don’t want to. It’s like being on an adventure; you’re  excited about everything and dare to do anything because it’s possible. Yet you fear the what ifs of the mental blocks that only exist in your mind. No one sees them or hears them yet they scream freezing your feet and body while everyone else is having a good time. I will not live paralyzed to what does not exist but I will make sure that I share these feelings with you so there is no question or doubt about where I am on this journey. I want you by my side, every step of the way; if you will take my hand promising me no matter what happens you’ll be with me in the end. Cover me with this blessing oh Lord if he was created just for me and I will cherish him; every fiber of his being will be loved with no hesitation or question and love will live within our home and hearts for all the days of our lives.