Joanna, Adrianne, and Sun left the comfort of stability to become their own bosses and after three short years, the creative branding machine of Unicorns & Unicorns has taken off – collectively working with everyone from Jay-Z to Pink to My Chemical Romance. This women-led team is dedicated to providing healthy work environments for women and supporting each other in every endeavor.

There’s a rarity in Joanna Shaw that is beautiful and sadly unique. She’s lives for uplifting others, especially women. She praises everyone she works with including the publicist and in true unicorn fashion, her confidence is mesmerizing. Joanna is gold.

Born from a Filipino woman who worked as pediatrician in the Bronx and getting her start in the hip-hop industry, Joanna champions diversity and inclusion. It’s hard to describe exactly what she does but the film and television producer wakes up every morning to work hard and she’s happy about it. The woman is such a boss, she interviewed me –the journalist– and if I’m being honest she made my day.