19-year-old, Aaliyah Stewart is making moves at such a young age. Unfortunately, Stewart’s two brothers were tragically killed due to gun violence. In an effort to bring awareness to the issue, Stewart started a 501C3 organization in honor of her late brothers. In addition, Stewart has a foundation where she speaks to others in hopes of decreasing and bringing awareness to gun violence in her community. We caught up with the motivated young woman to discuss her organization, the movement of her foundation, and much more!

Tell us about the 501C3 organization you created. What inspired it?

I Started the ASW Foundation in December of 2014 in honor of my two brothers that were killed due to gun violence I wanted to build a horizon in my hometown where young people could look forward to positive opportunities along with understanding the value of community transformation . We started with giving away scholarships we now host toy drives, community summits, along with traveling to do influential speaking 

Tell us about the foundation’s movement called #IAMTHEM.

Iamthem means I am my youth letting them know no matter what they go through or where they come from they have potential ! It comes from Jesus Being the I am and them being the chosen generation. 

Why is bringing awareness to gun violence important ?

Bringing awareness to the epidemic of gun violence is very important to me because so many young people are losing their life to something so senseless ! There aren’t words to describe the pain of a mother losing her child ! I had support when my brothers were killed which helped me to forgive the young men that killed them I wanted to have peace with what happened along with helping them to know God has a second chance for everyone.

What do you hope to accomplish in the years to come?

No plan is bigger than the plan God has for me I want to expand my youth center to other cities that are plagued due to gun violence ! I see IAMTHEM reaching and teaching the mass ! Speaking to young people all over the world to help them be encouraged! Helping young people to understand that God can and will turn your test into your testimony ! 

To donate or learn more visit the official I Am Them website.

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Featured Image by Year 2139 Shaun Michael 
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