“I am a woman, mother, entrepreneur, and future media mogul who continues to be successful.”

Your looking at a fearless  woman, mother, entrepreneur, and future media mogul who continues to be successful and  I started as a Jr. Accountant for a title company in Dallas, TX. I remember the feeling of being at the bottom of the totem pole in my department with very little respect due to my age and lack of experience.  I was determined to learn everyone’s roles within the department because I knew I wouldn’t be at that level or with that company forever.  I was strategically making moves to move up the corporate ladder.  As a young black woman entering Corporate America, I couldn’t help the feeling of being ignored and my work being taken credit for by the higher-ups. It was extremely discouraging.

Please tell our Sheen readers more about you.

While being a Jr. Accountant, I remember my boss hiring a young white male with the same experience and background as me starting out in a Staff Accountant position which is higher than a Jr. Accountant.  This young man did the bare minimum; however, he was favored by the company’s president.

The president would come over to our cubical and ask this young man to lunch and often exchange stories and jokes while ignoring the other female and African American employees. I knew at this moment I was not seen as an equal to white men in Corporate America; however, I did not use that as an excuse not to succeed. I quickly learned that I had to work twice as hard to get the same recognition as a white male who did the bare minimum.  As a black woman in Corporate America, I understood I had many disadvantages. Still, I was not about to let those disadvantages be the reason I didn’t achieve my dreams, and I did just that.  I have worked in upper management accounting roles for four fortune 100 companies, recognized and awarded countless rewards for my leadership, skill sets, and innovation. I even managed and oversaw a billion-dollar budget with the CDC before deciding to become an entrepreneur. 

How has the pandemic impacted your career?

The Pandemic really helped me grow my career as an entrepreneur.  It forced me to pick up where I left off before, which was at the cross street of doubt and fear. With the help of zoom, I found myself networking more and partnering with people I would’ve never met or partnered with before without being faced with this Pandemic.  

Kym, what has been your greatest accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment is believing in myself. As a young woman, I was faced with adversities, and some around me even gave up on me.  I am incredibly proud of loving myself enough to understand I deserve the absolute best in life.

You are an author. Can you please tell us more about your book and where can we purchase your book? 

I am an author of 3 books, Corporate America & The African American Woman: Overcoming Stereotypes in the Workplace, Girl Today, CEO Tomorrow, and Strong Resume Writing & Interviewing Tips. You can purchase them at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

What inspired you to launch Conversation by Kym?

As a mother, entrepreneur, and survivor of domestic violence, I have used my own life experience to serve as a beacon for those who have experienced moments of extreme vulnerability and struggle to be reminded of their true magnificence. During the Pandemic, I saw that domestic violence statistics were rising again, and it sparked something in me. I went through the shame of being told I was lying or exaggerating, and few believed me. After that, I committed to myself to tell my own story as a survivor. I needed to give a voice to the voiceless to understand that we believe them even when no one else does. There is power and healing in your voice, and we have an obligation to one another to listen.

Please tell our readers who else has shared your panel with you on your show?  Were you inspired by some of their stories?

Vivica A. Fox, Eva Marcile, Tyler Lepley, Hill Harper, Isaac Hayes III, Trina Braxton, Cheryl Fortune, Tweet, Chaz Shepherd. 

What’s next for Kym?

I am working as an entrepreneur of a Fintech Company that keeps users IRS compliant, and I am working on becoming the next media mogul by creating my own virtual entertainment company CWK…  In September 2021, I am relaunching my cosmetic line, hairline, and perfume line.

Where can we find you?

You can find me @KymFetus on all social media handles. 

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