Dion Rome currently stars on the hit new BET+ series, All The Queen’s Men and people around the world cannot quit raving about the smooth man gracing our television screens. With having worked in the adult entertainment industry before, Rome ultimately made the decision to put his faith first and let God do the work for him. We recently had the chance to sit down with Rome to discuss everything about his role and how trusting in God led him to where he is today.

Tell us about your role in All The Queen’s Men.

I play El Fuego in All The Queen’s Men. He is a huge tech guy. He found a skillset in terms of dancing and embraced it. It ultimately helps him fund his endeavors in tech. Madam found him and gave him a chance, along with all the other dancers. She got him out of a situation that was not favorable. She found hope and loved his look. He ended up making his way up the chain and now there is a vision that he can see in the future such as a tech empire that he wants to build for himself. He’s in his books, studying, even in the club. You can find him right at his station, researching and digesting as much tech information as he can. I want to share some spoilers, but I don’t know if I should yet. Check out the show to see how Madam uses him in terms of helping her with crazy twists and plots.

In what ways do you believe you and your character connect in real life?

I believe that El Fuego and I are very authentic to ourselves. We’re real with our peers. There is no mask or costume that is put on. We stand up for what we believe in, moreso than anything. We don’t let anything define us or make the best of us. El Fuego has a dream that dance is not his entire life. He knows he’s good at it, but he stands firm in his route. I feel like I have that purpose in my life. God gave it to me. I walk in the promise that He has granted me to receive and the journey in where I am going. I see a lot of similarities between me and El Fuego for sure. I love life and smile when I walk in a room. I like being a light to everyone around me, so I can definitely see a lot of the ways we relate, for sure.

We know that faith plays a great role in your success journey. Do you mind sharing with us why that is?

I’m going to put it as transparent as possible. Without Him, I am nothing. I’ve realized that throughout my life and in the course of everything that I have gone through, that I have been on both sides of the cross. Before I had my breakthrough revival, I was very heavily in the world. I was really in the male entertainment industry and that lifestyle of partying, drugs, and women. I went really deep into the darkness. I tried to find fulfillment in that. Being in the Hollywood scene, I really believed that it would pour into me in creating a fulfillment within myself. It was subjective happiness. It was surface level fulfillment, never permnant. It wasn’t until I met my wife. We were both broken individuals. When we began dating, we lived a world we thought was how it should be. We found that it was a lot of trauma and hurt within us as individuals. We never could figure out a solution. We knew we believed in God, but it was not walking in faith as we should. We did what we wanted, but we believed in God – so we were good. It didn’t work out like that. You can’t earn your way into heaven, it’s either accepted or rejected. The thing is, when we accepted that gift and that grace that God has given us, I realized that everything began to change. I saw life from an aerial view, how God sees it. Everything changed. She became celibate because she was building her relationship with the Lord when we split, and I ended up still being in the crazy world. Truth be told, I was not on my feet until veery much recently. I had to have things in my life solidified. When we both did that, I saw this radiant light in her, more than in myself. I had all the things but not that light. It was a switch. I wanted to have what she had. She invited me to church, and I learned about spiritual warfare and what it meant. They don’t talk about that in many churches, but it’s very real. We wrestle with that. Just like the wind, we don’t know where that comes from, but you know it exists. It was a struggle for me to not understand why I was trying to do the right thing, but I was getting sucked right back in. I gave it all to Him and I remember the second time she invited me to church there was a prayer circle. I remember going on my knees and it was the first time I submitted to something. I felt compelled because the atmosphere was very heavy. I felt a shift in the room, got on my knees, and I tried to give it all away. The most supernatural thing happened. God reigned down his Holy power on my body. I began shaking uncontrollably and was crying. It felt like something was attached to me. I felt lighter. Everything became to change. Breakthrough happened; revival happened. I began to feel the love of God and Jesus and I wanted to exude that everywhere I went. The righteous walk is something that is at the forefront to me. I write down all my goals on a piece of paper and I rip it all up. I ask God, what do you want from me? And I go from there. I believe that our plan is great, but His is much better.

What can we expect to see from you in the rest of 2021?

To be honest, it goes back to what I just stated. There may be things that I think I want to do, but it’ll come when the time is right. He will reveal it to me in terms of stepping into those roles, whatever it may be. Keep a look out because He is bigger than what I can expect. He will bless me in the best ways, I know it.

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All images by Dulce Bestia