“It’s incredible how God chooses people, her story was so rich”

He’s talented, he’s intellectual and he’s on the rise to become one of Hollywood’s next leading men. We first fell in love with Actor Joseph Gatzby after his appearance on Bravo’s season 1 of “Blind Date.” He would later land the role of supporting actor for the film “On Gang” before starring in “A Rose in Harlem” as the leading actor.

As a first-generation Nigerian American, Gatzby understands the assignment. He’s the type of man that Black Hollywood is proud of – championing the culture in any way he can. “I cannot see things and ignore them and a big part of me is motivating people and helping people find their inner glow,” he tells SHEEN.

This week, Gatzby joined R&B star Monica for an exclusive Atlanta screening of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” ahead of its December 23rd release date. One of his fondest memories of Houston is her “Star Spangled Banner” performance at the Superbowl in 1991. He also loved her hit singles “My Love is Your Love” and “Heartbreak Hotel.”

Calling the film wholesome and emotional, Gatzby shared with SHEEN “It was really deep and went into Whitney the person. It was powerful in the sense that you’d think she was a regular church girl. It’s incredible how God chooses people, her story was so rich. You would have never known from the way she was raised that she would be this humongous figure.”

It was also sad because of the way her life and career ended. It just seemed like there was way much more to be done. It seemed like we were about to get that next wave of Whitney and then she was done, someone just pulled the plug,” he continued.

Gatzby, who’s had his fair share of ups and downs throughout his life, is known for the versatility, truthfulness, and daring portrayals he’s brought to fans worldwide through his acting career. But next year, it’s his highly anticipated leading role in the comedy “London & Bridges” that has everyone waiting and wanting more.

It’s the story of a successful businesswoman, going through menopause, who owns an upscale boutique in Buckhead. With no luck in love, the recent divorcee is ready to start mingling,” Gatzby shares. The TV movie is slated to be one of his biggest roles to date and Gatzby will continue using his platform and star power to inspire “inner confidence and glow” as his impact continues to grow.

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Photo Credits: Kendrick Garza