Award-winning actor, Skylan Brooks is best known for his co-leading role alongside Amandla Stenberg in the film, The Darkest Minds. He also starred in Netflix’s original series, The Get Down but we’re preparing to see the shining star in a new way. Brooks is preparing for the release of his next leading breakout role in the upcoming thriller, Archenemy – set to hit theaters and On Demand on December 11th, 2020. Ahead of the film’s release, we wanted to sit down with him to discuss his new role, an upcoming EP, and much more!

Tell us about your role in the upcoming thriller, Archenemy.

Archenemy is a movie about a guy from a different world. He fell onto Earth from a different dimension. Before that, he had superpowers, however, now he does not have those powers anymore. He then runs into a young teen who wants to tell his story. Eventually, they take the streets to wipe out a local drug syndicate and a vicious crime boss.

We know that you are working on an upcoming album.

You can expect to hear a lot of experimental music between jazz and something that resembles house music. There’s jazz, hip-hop fusion, and it’s loosely based on moments and experiences that I’ve had in life. It’s going to be a different sound and vibe. There is a special feature on my EP that will be included as well.

How has quarantine life been for you as a creative?

It’s had its ups and downs. I’ve tried to make the most of it. Creating has been the most enjoyable thing for me this entire time. I went straight from working on a television show to quarantine. I’ve been able to put the finishing touches on my EP and expand my mind in general. With so much going on, I’ve been able to step back and look at the world around me for what it is. There are a lot of things going on right now. I’m focused on writing television shows, my music, and developing and executive producing behind the scenes. It’s put me in both the acting and the background, behind the scenes area as well.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

You can expect to see a television show from me that I am developing. I have an independent film called, No Running that will come out next year. The film is about a young teen (portrayed by me) who’s girlfriend disappears out of nowhere. He is accused of being involved in her disappearance. He has to basically solve her disappearance before he gets taken into custody. He doesn’t have a lot of time but he’s making it happen. It’s a sci-fy/mystery kind of film, which is fun to play. Besides the EP and film, you’ll also see more philanthropy work next year as well.

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All Images by Ryan Wimsatt