Tennessee native, Crystal Reneé Hayslett recently joined the second of Tyler Perry’s Sistas and we cannot take our eyes off her! Hayslett portrays Fatima – a paralegal at a prestigious law firm, who has been hurt and keeps her heart guarded. We caught up with the actress to discuss how she went from working in the costume department at Tyler Perry Studios to working on-screen!

What can we expect to see from you character, Fatima in season two of Sista’s?

We really get to see the unveiling of Fatima’s layers this season. In Season 1, she was introduced as the secretary of the law firm, who had an undeniable loyalty to Andi. In Season 2, you really gain insight on who Fatima is. Without giving away too much, you will see that Fatima is a super down-girl. Her loyalty and dedication draw her deeper into Andi’s personal life and she finds an unexpected love interest with someone who is closer than she knows. Stay tuned to see what happens!

Tell us about your experience working at Tyler Perry Studios in the costume department.

I started working at Tyler Perry Studios in 2013 as a production assistant for the Costume Department. For two years, I worked my way up in the department and in 2015, I was asked to be the costume designer for the studio, as well Mr. Perry’s personal stylist. Throughout the years working in that department, I gained a family that I will have forever. We worked really hard, but we had a lot of fun doing it. There were so many life lessons that I still carry with me from working in that position. Also, having a boss like Mr. Perry was a constant reminder that no matter how far you think you’ve come, you still have it in you to dream bigger, never get complacent, and remain humble.

How has quarantine life been for you?

In the beginning, I was cooking three meals a day. After the first month, that began to quickly dwindle when I realized I couldn’t fit any of my clothes! I can say that the quarantine really grounded me in a lot of ways. Things I may have put a great amount of emphasis on before, no longer held the same weight. I began to be more creative since my normal daily schedule had been stripped away from me. I found new ways to stay mentally and physically healthy. You know, we had to sit down and face social injustice, the election year, the pandemic, and even our own issues came to a head. That alone can take you into a really dark space. It’s so easy to suppress things when you’re able to move about like normal, but when you have to sit in it, it hits differently.  So, I made a point to exercise, read, meditate, write, educate myself — many ways to stay positive and on a high vibration, yet still present.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see from you in the future?

Right now, I am writing a show that has been in my head for a while — just getting my thoughts out – and auditioning, as productions are starting to see how to maneuver during this pandemic. And getting ready for season two of Sistas!! As far as the future, I’m really just getting started and I’m excited for the journey.

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Featured Image by Kayla Madonna