A tastemaker and trendsetter, Méchelle has amassed a loyal following. As an independent woman, she showcases her female empowerment by sharing compelling moments and images of her life for social interaction and engagement. As an influencer and Hollywood insider, she maintains her social media presence by creating a steady stream of relevant and interesting content on fashion, lifestyle trends, and pop culture. Using her business acumen, she responded to the call for global citizenship by starting a non-profit organization, Kids Love and Health Foundation.

Can you tell us, who is Méchelle McCain? 

A devoted mother, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author who knows what she wants out of life, and she will stop at nothing to fulfill her dreams.

It’s noted that you’ve had a passion for writing, modeling, and performing since you were a child. What was the motivation that sparked such a passion at a young age?

I would do school plays and my family would always make me speak for the group. At family reunions, they would push me to perform in the talent shows. Anytime a volunteer was needed to perform I was the nominee.

You’ve had the opportunity to work alongside some amazing people, thus far. Is there anyone that you would still like to work alongside in any capacity?

Angela Bassett, and Leonardo DiCaprio because they represent different ranges of acting. I would like to work directly opposite of them.

As an actress, producer, and influencer to only mention a few, do you feel you’ve reached your greatest potential?

I’m nowhere near my greatest potential. I’m just getting started!!

As a successful influencer, what do you desire most for people to gain for watch and following you, especially young girls, teens, and young adults? To never give up on your dreams because it’s never too late to satisfy them. And anything you dream of with hard work it can be a reality.

Everything in life takes time, and with that comes a degree of patience. With that in mind, what would you say to someone who is thinking of quitting the process of fulfilling a dream?

Don’t stop!!! If you are truly passionate about it, you will not feel accomplished until you make it happen.

Tell us what pursuing your dreams has personally done for you?

It has made me content. I feel like I’m living my purpose.

 In your opinion can dreams and goals genuinely change over time?

 Yes, they can. Over time we evolve with that being said change is imminent.

As a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and mother how do you balance and still find time for yourself?

Sometimes I have to say no. I make sure I do things for myself. I get my self-care and love in there. Prioritizing my responsibilities and tasks.

Why should everyone strive to follow and fulfill their dreams?

That’s part of living life. We have to enjoy the journey and achieving your dreams is part of it.

How can people follow you?

@mechellemccain On all platforms

Photo Credits: Mechelle McCain