Fashion is everything! At Chic Dazzle Boutique it goes beyond fashion!  The physical store is located in Georgia, but you can shop from all over the world. The owner Dazzle, styles celebrities as well as the everyday person who wants to look and feel special. Whether you’re the veteran rapper Trina or a school teacher, it’s their goal to bring out the best in you through fashion and great service. You can find everything you need to enhance your wardrobe. The owner is passionate about treating every customer special. Join our conversation on fashion, manifestation and the latest trends.

Thank you for sitting down with me today, Dazzle. It’s my pleasure. Welcome, how are you?

I’m doing great, thank you.

Fashion is on fire today more than ever. For everyone out here who wants their own fashion business, what advice would you give them?

The first best advice is to do your research. Find out who your competitors are in the industry. Finding out who the best quality vendors are is #1. Research is the first thing to do in fashion. Know your competitors, so you can know what you’re selling and what you plan to sell.

Great advice!

You’ve had your boutique for a few years. You have dressed celebs like Spice and “The Baddest” Trina. How did celebrities take notice of your business, Chic Dazz?

When I first started giving them pieces for their shows and premiers, they loved the selection..the fabrication of the pieces. It brought out who they are. I’ve sent pieces to celebs like Trina, Dr. Lexi or others that bring out the inner person. I just started by sending different  people pieces. I knew exactly what to send them to make that manifest and want to use Chic Dazz for their next events.

I love that! You knew that they weren’t going to put on anything, so great observation. It’s important to know your clientele. If they are wearing your clothes, that’s saying a lot. I peeped at the website, I see you have it going on a bit. (Laughs)

I must say, I remember when the pandemic was happening. In the middle of the pandemic, Trina decided to have a virtual concert.  She came out on stage wearing Chic Dazz, like “I’m back!” She brought it! Her outfit, the colab was on fire! The crowd went wild and so did my social media pages. They blew up that day.

What’s the biggest fashion trend going right now?

The biggest fashion trends going right now are different silhouettes of satin and prints. Prints are definitely back. Feathers are in as well. Along with bling. There are a lot of resort style outfits going right now, with ferry and wide legged pants.  Colors are definitely in along with white, a big color for the winter. Bright greens and yellows, all are trending for the winter with a touch of gold.

Great. I’m on trend because I love colors. 

How do you utilize social media for your boutique and sales?

We do a lot of reels (IG) and a lot of Tik Toks. We get a lot of views. There are a lot of stylists who contact us directly to dress their celebrity clients. Also, many production companies contact us through social media. Broadcasting on social media has been great. We have a wider audience.  From seeing our reels on Instagram, we have even styled for weddings, anniversary parties and events. Customers can set up one on ones with me for a consultation by phone, video call or in store personal visits.

I love that! What can a shopper expect when they shop Chic Dazz?

When a customer shops Chic Dazz, you will look chic from daytime to nighttime. When you step into that event or occasion, you will dazzle the room. That’s how Chic Dazz was created. When you step into Chic Dazz you are getting an experience of a lifetime. We are a one stop boutique. You are able to bring out the destiny in you. We have outfits that are unique to the industry. I have clothes that will not be shown everywhere. They are one of a kind. You will get that one on one experience when you shop Chic Dazz. You’ll get the champagne, that girlfriend visitation and more when you enter our boutique.

I believe in manifesting and proclaiming what you want over your life and your business. Let’s proclaim and project, you cool with that?


What does your business/boutique look like 1 year from now, 3 years from now, 5 years from now?

Well, I have prayed about it and I know God has great business for me in the next several years.  I will expand the boutique into becoming “the” overall one stop boutique, where we will install hair, make-up, as well as dressing our customers. I look to branch out in the United States, beyond Georgia. I want to cover a large population of people who are looking for that new vision of fashion.

Lastly, what do you want people to know about Chic Dazz Boutique?

It’s for women and men of all shapes and colors. I want personalities to come because you can put fun back into your attitude. You can change what you want to be each day. Chic Dazz is here to help you do just that. We are here to enhance your wardrobe. We are here to  help you feel and look your best. I want people to remember about Chic Dazzle Boutique. We are here to help each individual feel like they are wanted and blessed. We want our customers excited about getting up every day loving who they are in their own personalities.

Yes, that is so beautiful and dope because when you look good, you feel good. That is the truest statement ever. Dazzle, thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. You were nothing short of amazing. I wish you the best in life and career. Much success to you. Blessings.

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