English singer and songwriter, Adele, has been off the grid for while. Adele is known for releasing firey, yet emotional songs that touch the soul. Her last album was released in 2015 entitled 25, which was led by the chilling and grammy award winning song, “Hello.”

After that, Adele who we knew as the singer seemed to vanish as she became an all around family woman marrying her then boyfriend, Simon Konecki and giving birth to their son Angelo. Time had passed and we still hadn’t received one single from our beloved British singer. Rumors surfaced about the possible split of Adele from her husband and in fact they were true. She filed for divorce and fans assumed a heart breaking album that was needed was in the works.

In May 2020, Adele took to Instagram a harmless full body photo thanking her fans for the numerous birthday wishes. As it appeared that she had lost weight and was in a more positive state fans still had hope for the new album.

Now, the internationally known star has given what was asked. Adele dropped a snippet of her new single, “Easy on Me” that is set to be released October 15th.

Speculations are already swarming that this will be the song of the year as Adele has come to eat and won’t be leaving any crumbs.