Artist, Adrian Marcel recently released a new single and it’s the talk of the music industry. Marcel’s new single titled “I Got You (End of the Day)” is a raw, emotional, and vibey song that was truly crafted for the soul. We had the pleasure of sitting down with him to discuss all the details surrounding this new project, his upcoming highly anticipated EP titled Marcel, and much more in our exclusive interview!

Tell us about your recent single, “I Gotchu (End of the Day).”

My recent single to me, is like a ghetto love story. Its my take on vulnerability. I feel like in our subconscious, we all want that unconditional love, but we want it in reality. Not social media, not the television sitcom type where it’s perfect, to me this record represents imperfection. It’s kind of like the Bonnie and Clyde type of bond. It represents protection, security, and reassurance. In a woman’s perspective, it’s a song where a woman can feel hurt. For a man, they can feel understood. I come from East Oakland, so from that side you don’t always get the glitz and glamour type of love. Some people may not always understand it but it’s one of those things where it’s the type of love where they may get on your nerves, but regardless I still chose you, I still got you when I’m mad at you. It’s truly unconditional. I think that in R&B, I haven’t heard too much of that, where there’s still an edge in the lyrics. It’s not saying that I’m the hardest dude on the block, it’s saying that’s how much I love you and will fight for you.

What inspired the visuals behind this project?

Absolutely. For me, the visuals behind the project were all about realism. Take away gimmicks, all of the things that will distract you from what the message actually is. Everything is organic to who I am as Marcel. To me, I’m not your average R&B type. Again, I come from East Oakland so you can’t be too soft (laughs). You have to have an edge to you. That’s just how I came up. I’ve always looked at myself as an R&B rockstar. That’s the separation in the visuals and look of this entire project. I’m not trying to be too cute with it, it’s me expressing my vulnerability through my masculinity. Because of the pandemic and quarantine, there was no need for a barber or me to sit up and worry about events. I was left to sit in my organic self with the team and to fall back in love with those things that I was on the fence about. With the pandemic, I sat back, grew my hair back, fell in love with my curls, and my natural style. I fell in love with that comfortability. As I came back into this year, I wanted the music to be represented the way it was written. It was written from true and realistic stories. These are things everyone goes through. There is no left field in any of these songs. It’s very upfront and in your face. Its universal.

What can we expect from your upcoming EP titled Marcel?

Hmm.. you know this EP like I said, my fans can expect growth and evolution from myself. Expect the unexpected. In creating all of this, I had to step outside of myself and the comfortable space that I was in. I think sometimes, for me, I’ve lived in the past. You’re in present day but you’re still chasing something that you may have been chasing in the past. For me, it was about being in the present completely. I feel like my audience will be able to see that growth and grow with it. They’ll hear things they haven’t heard, especially in the way that I’m talking. I’m keeping it 1000 on what I like, what I don’t, what I feel, everything. I’m R&B to the bone, my audience knows that, but I feel like I’ve been able to go deeper with the creative process and how I deliver it. It’s the perfect time to expose it as we’re creeping our way out of the pandemic.

photo by Brian Christopher

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see from you in the rest of 2021?

For the rest of 2021, I’m dropping more music. Visuals for “I Got You,” is dropping this month. I’m excited about that. Next month, we have the second single dropping called “In My Bag.” It’s a different spin on the meaning. There are five records on this EP that we’re releasing at the end of the year. I’m always working with my vibe tribe – my crew of creators. My team is amazing! We’re constantly making music that I feel like is timeless. Since March, we’ve written and recorded over 30 records. I’m excited for all of those to continue to have their moments to drop. I’ve filmed a few short films throughout the year that will be dropping soon.

photo by Brian Christopher

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