Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Adriyan Rae from the reboot of The Game only on Paramount+. She plays the offspring of Jason and Kelly Pitts, Brit Brat, America’s Daughter. The Game is back with the fierceness of Tasha Mack, the stronghold of Malek Wright, plus some new players to shake up The Game. The Game initially was part of the CW when it first premiered in 2006 with characters Med School aka Melanie, and her Saber football boyfriend, Derwin.

Explain to the new generation, who is Britney Pitts?

Adriyan Rae: Britney and Kelly have grown up together, as you can tell from the storylines. The cool thing about the reboot is now you see Britney as a full adult. The nickname Brit Brat comes from her dad. She’s a young woman who’s a go-getter, you know, make something of herself and make her own name, but everything ends up working in her favor for some reason. She has a really good heart, and she looks out for her friends and family. This is who Britney Pitts is now. 


Being a black actress today, how do you feel about creative spaces welcoming POC?

Adriyan Rae: Honestly, it’s based on the tribe you’re working with. I think there have been spaces where I felt like I was maybe there to check a box, but then there are also spaces where it’s like, oh, they get it, and they’re a hundred percent supportive. With The Game, we are blessed to have a lot of women of color, women in charge of different departments and a lot of people of color working with us in, in surrounding us and a lot of allies surrounding us and people who truly understand. What I mean by that is we have a lot of female directors. We have black EPS. We have a lot of women writers, male, like just people of color writers. We pride ourselves on the different diverse levels within The Game reboot, plus it really reflects that in the things that we are speaking on, and the topics that we go through and things like that in the show. The diversity that we have incorporated really helps with the essence of the show and how I feel like it’s being received as relatable.

Make sure you catch this young diva Adriyan Rae on The Game Reboot exclusively on Paramount + streaming service.

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