As of June 8th, it is an official day of celebrating Best Friend Day for those who know or who took the time to celebrate with those you consider your best friend either physically or virtually.

Instead, you do it virtually. It is much safer.

As you enter or get pushed into adulthood without any manual, you will find out that friendships are shaped differently from meeting at the sandbox from the adult world.  You will even experience the pain of bonds when directly friends will not like or enjoy each other company, or you can stay naïve and think friends can be forever.

I learned late, and I mean late that being a good friend doesn’t exactly mean being good at being an adult friend. I realized this honestly just recently when I received a phone call from a friend; she was having trouble and knowing me being Mrs. Fix it. I was eager to fix any problem even If I have never experienced it but, for me, something snapped, I just couldn’t and wouldn’t give this friend my energy. They had an issue with me not answering any text message on time. Meanwhile, and to be honest, I had reminded me that since I left Toronto, I lost a sense of everything when it came to them and their needs or anyone. 

I had to pause my favorite episode of the Simpsons and think?

As a young girl, my dad provided me with a collection of multi-colored gel pens, and I would write letters and draw pictures of a depiction of what I thought was a friendship as a child. Thus, it was hard for me to make a friend; in general, I felt that I had to give for that to happen, and my father corrected it when it comes to that.

“Don’t ever befriend a user; it will be exhausting.”

As a shy and anxiety-ridden adult, I have responsibilities and, of course, school, and I’m still developing, which is essential. In this universe of meaningful friendships, many lessons are learned, time, and time again. As we all know, time flies, but memories will live forever.

Well, the truth is some, and not all will have time for you.

Not all your friendships from childhood you should carry from adulthood are meant to be with you. Not all adult friendships are meant to be forever.

It’s real, and it’s an unfortunate

Individuals that you love probably don’t feel the same people. This will hurt you and, unfortunately, with the knowledge or without knowing we will hurt them in return with intentions or without intentions (I’m still learning this).  However, I’m learning to be positive and optimistic about the calendar of friends that are meant to stay with us.

“They are very forgiving, and they invest in the growth of their friendship.”

Having a friendship in adulthood, it’s a little gloomy in a way, especially for an introvert like me. And in return, we respond to be sympathetic. It’s not that we don’t want gel pens or birthday collages or a social media reminder. We want more something that can past a test of time. However, this doesn’t mean “calling it a day.”

Still have faith in certain sisterhoods that was built-in intertwiningly within cycles of your life. Or Some relationships come with patience, tolerance, and love like no other. Perhaps you should thank those who came to save you from the past of harmful and undeserving friendships.

Everything comes; in a season, it’s up to you which season you want to corporate with.