“I don’t think You can remove stress entirely, but you can create a culture of well-being by Tracking your stressors, Establishing boundaries, Taking time off and developing healthy habits” 

When International PR Maven Esmeralda Baez released her first book Reset + Reboot: Regaining Mindfulness she knew that it was the time to inspire and inform. After the world at large was shaken by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and a wide array of social justice issues, many people found themselves alone and inside their homes and their heads. As each man and woman took their stands, this time in front of their own mirrors, they were forced to battle their own fears privately, refute every lie that always seemed to shout louder than their personal truth privately. And it was in these stressful, depressing, fearful, anxiety-ridden moments of self-awareness and self-disclosure that Baez wanted to make an impact. 

This April for Stress Awareness Month the International PR Expert took time out of her busy schedule to speak with Sheen about De-Stressing, Fashion, and her upcoming book release Reset + Reboot: Regaining Mindfulness in Spanish. And when I say busy I mean busy – the international power player recently teamed up with Pacific Rim Business Council, leading the way as the Director of Latin Affairs for the Global CEO Summit. 

A major part of a publicist’s day is spent writing press releases and creating packets. We spend a lot of time on the phone, pitching stories, sending emails and networking. There’s A-lot of traveling, touring and sleepless nights! So not everything is easy, but if you love what you do, then it’s a rewarding job,” Baez tells Sheen. 

After opening up about her own mental health in her latest book, the business woman shares how she manages the compounded stress of having one of the top 10 most stressful jobs in the world while managing a bipolar 1 diagnosis. 

“I manage with self discipline! I don’t think You can remove stress entirely, but you can create a culture of well-being by Tracking your stressors, Establishing boundaries, Taking time off and developing healthy habits. Also by Improving your environment, learning how to manage conflict, Staying organized and by reframing negative thoughts,” she shares. 

For Baez, De-Stressing encompasses taking care of her mind, body, and soul. On social media, she influences not only through her work but through her strong sense of fashion, beauty, and self-care. On Instagram alone, over 205K followers tune-in for inspiration, entertainment, announcements, and so much more. This week, Baez sat down with Sheen to discuss haircare, fashion, de-stressing rituals, and her upcoming book release. 

As an Afro-Latina beauty known for your curly hair, sense of fashion and cultural lifestyle, what beauty secrets can you share. 

I am the worst at this because I don’t have a regimen or stick to any particular hair products. However, I have tried Vida Hair Growth, Nikki Marr, Rizos Curls, Shea Moisture & Mielle and I honestly like how all of them work for my hair texture.

As far as my skin Routine, I wash my face everyday with Neutrogena foaming scrub, then I use a toner, followed by a Hydration cream from Sunday Riley and a caffeine eye cream. Also a lip balm, very important for soft lips, I use the Dior brand.

You are known for your sense of fashion, what are five pieces you can’t live without?  

I would describe my sense of fashion chic and trendy, but at times it can be a sexy mix with classy!!! There are five pieces I can’t live without – black tights, a nice varsity jacket, a pair of comfy sneakers, sunglasses and a nice big bag.

You’ve embraced a Holistic Lifestyle that helps diffuse stress both personally and professionally, talk about your lifestyle choices. 

I Meditate daily, I do Yoga, I fast 2x’s a week, I’m into Holistic Living, I don’t drink or  smoke, I’m a big advocate on homemade remedies and I think the cure to everything is in drinking tons of water and detoxing every now and then

What’s next for Esmeralda Baez? 

I have my 2nd book dropping sometime in May, which i’m super excited about, because it will be in spanish which is my first language. I also have a wellness drink coming at the end of the year. As far as PR, I’m currently Working on different projects with a lot of talent that I personally admire from the sports industry, Music, Finance, Fashion and Real estate.

For more information, follow Baez on IG @es_xo

Photo credits: JVisuals