Many Women claim to be influencing Women’s Empowerment, yet for a decade, CEO of Aisha Nikole Company and Powerology™ Founder—Aisha Nikole, has remained committed to uplifting women, through illustrating and permeating what Woman on Woman empowerment looks and feels like. 

It is simple—we are Stronger Together, which was the theme of Aisha’s most recent event set in Los Angeles. She gathered Women together for a beautiful evening of intimate conversations encapsulating the essence of sincere sisterhood and cooperative collaboration in an effort of creating community and better business. “Stronger Together” offered a refreshing approach to networking, allowing authentic connections to be effortlessly cultivated. The room was filled with like-minded, feminine individuals who shared a profound passion for acquiring more strength and confidence in community building. Freeing women from the high-pressured feeling of making contact and the uncertainty of whom they are attempting contact with. Also, empowering Strength in Togetherness, were partnerships such as Aisha’s organization—PowHer25 Collective and Tabitha Brown’s haircare brand—Donna’s Recipe.

The force behind a high vibrational conversation has the ability to influence a positive redirection of thought patterns. The Stronger Together Power Panel was the pinnacle of the evening, as influential figures and their collective masterminds shared a balance of experiences and wisdom. The inspiring and empowering voices consisted of: Serial Entrepreneur & Personal Development Coach, Britney Renne; Empowerment Expert, Ronda Wynn; Realtor & Empowerment Coach, Miriam Cruz; Brand Consultant, Whittney Young; and Med Spa Owner & Health and Beauty Strategist Victoria Wilson.

As a sisterhood we can shatter ceilings, defy expectations, and illuminate a path for generations to come.”— Aisha Nikole

Through Aisha’s renowned program—Powerology™ Academy, the focus is unlocking a Woman’s inner power and providing guidance for Women on how to transform their mindset and succeed in business endeavors and essentially, bring success to their lifestyle. The emerging prominent leader is also the visionary behind the Aisha Nikole Collection, a luxury beauty brand encouraging Women of Color to normalize feeling, being, and breathing luxury. 

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Photo Credits: Courtesy of Aisha Nikole