Marion Projects Finest Albee Al links up with Sacramento’s Mozzy on their newest single, “Who’s Ya Big Homie.” Albee takes listeners back to how he hustled in Jersey City as the Gladiator. He undermines his competition while remembering how things once were for him. Albee raps, “Off white when I step out. I seen everyone balling when I was left out… I’m a millionaire, I was a dropout…”

Mozzy rhymes vividly about surviving in the street and holding it down for his team. He questions his competition’s hustle with the lines “What you really into? What’s your occupation? They ain’t vouching for your gangsta when we run your plates. Don’t be talking about no paper because you’re not a hustler, word is you couldn’t bail out on 100k.”

The video, directed by Sebatistian Santiago, has Albee and Mozzy in a dark space with chains swinging around. Albee Al and Mozzy also rap about their stories in different parts of the projects. It also includes a separate scene where investigators break into someone’s house trying to shut down an operation. “Who Ya Big Homie?” is produced by Code Red.


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Albee Al came from a family of gangsters that did whatever they could to keep their heads above water. As much as he grew into the street lifestyle from day one, the same thing happened with his love for music. After serving a brief stint in prison, Albee Al was determined to be the best representation of Jersey. His first major hit came in 2016 with “Ten Toes Down” which racked up 7.8 million views on YouTube. The emcee’s robust delivery and confidence landed him performances on HOT 97, LA Leakers, and ESPN’s SportsCenter. Some of his past collaborations came from Uncle Murda, Fetty Way, A.R. AB, Arsonal, and Kodak Black. His 2019 mixtape, Koba landed number 21 on Billboard’s top independent album chart. His latest mixtape FREE THE REAL garnered love from REVOLT, OkayPlayer, The Source and more. | @albeeal201