The Classics never go out of style; they just evolve and re-captivate the masses through new-age manifestations! — Thanks to this dope crew of music masters; Mr. Shane Foster, Davis Chris and Beatking, in conjunction with reality star, actress and R&B artist Alexis Branch, we have another one!

“Ooo Baby” both released and officially charted on August 20th! It came just in time; with it’s fun and flirty summertime feels, coupled with soon-to-come “cuffing season” sensations! — Not a surprise from such a bubbly and multifaceted personality such as Alexis Branch!

Here’s what she had to say:

Who is your biggest music inspiration?

AALIYAH! Everyone knows I love that girl down for sure!!! Also, Janet & Michael Jackson! It’s the entertainment aspect for me. They put on full SHOWS and seeing them perform sparked something in me and I knew I wanted to be an entertainer. 

What were you thinking when this beat/track was offered to you, and how did that come about?

Shane Foster and Chris Davis actually reached out to me to put me on this record! They pulled me for a previous record featuring my cartoon character “Litty Lex” where I was rapping, and we continued to work together. As soon as I heard it, I was in! It was so catchy and at the time I had taken a step back from music, so this seemed like a good, come back record! I loved the 90s influence and Chris said to me “I hope this helps you remember who you are”. YOU DAMN RIGHT! I’m so humbled and honored they chose me. 

What do you hope people receive/takeaway from the song upon listening?

I just want them to feel good. It makes me happy to see people singing and dancing along to it! I want them to hear that piano rift in the beginning and automatically say “OH THIS MY SHIT!” 

What does Litty Lex think about all the hype around the new hit?

Oh, she’s hype and ready to TIK TOK it down! 2 words: IT’S LIT! 

Will there be a video we can look forward to?

Oh absolutely!!! My dear friend Boogie will be directing this video and he’s beyond ready to pull the trigger on this one! We going UP!

What’s next for you?

The sky is the limit! We’re really focusing on pushing this record first and foremost. I have an album complete without even realizing it, so I have records ready to release after this one. Outside of music, I have a few shows that I’m working on that I’m beyond excited to release! I’ve also got a few things prepared on the fitness side with my “Naked All Summer” brand. I’m out here exhausting all of my talents and loving it. The grind never stops. 


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