Get ready because Alicia Keys and Chopra Global have just teamed up in order to bring a little peace and tranquility to our lives.

The two have teamed up to release a free 21-day Meditation Experience titled, Activating the Divine Feminine: The Path to Wholeness. The audio experience was recreated to allow listeners to tune into the energies of the Divine Feminine to restore wholeless in order to live their most fulfilling lives.

In an official statement, Keys said, “It helps you grow, it helps you create, it cultivates who you are. There’s a major imbalance in our world, and we can all feel it. To counteract it, we have to open the door to the Divine Feminine in us and its ability to repair and create.”

The daily meditations feature 20-minute meditations that are guided with wisdom and storytelling from Keys.

In addition, there is a lesson and meditation session from Dr. Chopra.

You can now register by clicking here!

Tune into the experience by downloading The Chopra App on iOS and Android.