Breaking down the stereotypical assumption that women are incapable of running a successful “male-dominated” business. The Ladies of Logistix took that a ran with it, by not only being successful but teaching other women how to be successful as well.

A female minority organization that is mentoring other women on how to start their transportation business and thrive on their own terms in a male-dominated trucking and logistic industry. The Leading Ladies of Logistix is hosting their 3rd Annual Leading Ladies of Logistix Transporation & Networking Conference in Fort Lauderdale on April 8-10, 2021.

Tell us about the Leading Ladies of Logistix and why you felt it was important to create it.

Actually, Tristen founded LLL in 2017, and we met in May of 2018 and she asked me to be a co-founder, I liked her vision of the organization, and how we could connect with other women (especially women that looked like us) in the transportation and logistics industry. But we could mentor, educate and relate to others in the industry and help women that didn’t have a strong support system. We wanted to have a community where women could support and depend on one another and didn’t be bashed or belittled for doing so. I had so much knowledge and advice, it was nice to share it with women that wanted to be in the same field, and I wanted to help them to prevent the same mistakes that I had made and what to avoid. 

Co-Founder, Samantha Smith Advanced Transport Solutions, LLC

What have the highlights and challenges been as a CEO?

Learning how to delegate is definitely a challenge because it’s hard not to be in control and making sure someone will run your company as you would and being able to trust them. A highlight has been seeing the growth of the company from where it has started to where it is. The systems and operations that I have put in place, and seeing them still work till this day, and just overcoming the obstacles and not giving up, but seeing the progress all the way through.

Co-Founder, Samantha Smith Advanced Transport Solutions, LLC

How has the lack of racial diversity and inclusion affected your industry? How will your organization combat that?

As Black women in a male-dominated industry, we aren’t offered a seat at many tables, hence the reason we built our own table. LLL will work hard to locate opportunities for women-owned transportation and logistics companies.

Founder of Leading Ladies of Logistix, Tristen Simmons of Lady Logistix LLC

What made you choose a career in the trucking industry?

The industry chose me at first. So many people I know in the industry so I had to see what it was all about. Then I saw people that looked like me and women like me and I had to master this and make it happen for me and my family.

Founding member, Tawana Randall and founder of Gold Star Logistics Group, LLC

What quote or saying inspires and motivates you to be yourself and do what you love?

“Life is a theater. Invite your audience carefully, not everyone is spiritual, healthy, and mature enough to have front row seats in our lives.”

Founding member, Tawana Randall and founder of Gold Star Logistics Group, LLC

What are 5 financial tips you would give a woman starting their business?

  1. Let your first business be something that you love to do.
  2. Save for your transition from your 9 to 5 to full-time entrepreneurship.
  3. Don’t combine personal and business spending.
  4. Always have an accounting system for your business.
  5. Know your numbers – what it will take for you to survive personally and for your business to thrive.

Founding member, Vanessa Gant of Provision Accounting Solutions, LLC

How has mentorship made a difference in your life professionally and personally? Mentorship has made a major impact on my life both personally and professionally.

Having someone to talk to that has traveled the road that you are currently on is amazing. I’ve learned so much about what to do, what not to do, and what to expect. I am sure that mentorship has saved me lots of disappointment, stress, and struggle. While motivating me to keep going because there is greater on the other side.

Founding member, Vanessa Gant of Provision Accounting Solutions, LLC

About the event:

Event: 3rd Annual Leading Ladies of Logistix Transporation & Networking Conference

Where: Fort Lauderdale Marriot

When: April 8-10, 2021

Thursday, April 8 – Open Networking

Friday, April 9 – Breakout sessions on Truck Carrier, Broker, Shipper Behavior, Insurance, Government Contracting, Business Credit, Accounting, Dispatching, and Legal

Friday, April 9 – Comedy Show + Networking

Saturday, April 10 – Live Panel + All White Boat Party


Leading Ladies of Logistix was created in 2017 by founder Tristen Simmons, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Lady Logistix LLC, with the goal of creating a safe, networking space for women in the male-dominated logistics industry. Simmons, along with co-founders Samantha Smith, Tawana Randall, and Vanessa Gant, provide mentorship to their 2,000+ members on the Leading Ladies of Logistix Facebook group. They use their own past failures as business owners to help other women in the industry succeed.


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