If quarantine didn’t teach you that self-care is everything, then what hs it really taught you? For me, I know one things for sure, my skincare game has definetly been piped up.

Nearly three years ago, Glossier hopped into the skincare game and since then, we all have not been able to stop purchasing their products.

Earlier this week, the brand released two new products. The Dry-Touch Oil Mist and Exfoliating Bar.

The Exfoliating Bar ($14)is a pink (just like the logo) bar that has small grains of biodegradable bamboo powder. There is also sunflower seed oil formulated in this bar. It was created in order buff the skin gently and get rid of those noticeable bumps on the skin. Glossier claims that this new product has a subtle soothing effect, which I love in skincare products. It makes me feel like the product is really doing something.

The Dry-Touch Oil Mist ($28) is something different. I’ve never heard of an oil spray before! The mist is drip-free and absorbs right into the skin. It is scented with neroil-orange blossom and can be used on the bottle for a beautiful Sheen. Sounds like true heaven!

For more information on Glossier’s new products, click here.



Featured Image obtained on the official Instagram of Glossier