American singer and rapper, Lizzo took a huge announcement on Instagram. She informed her followers that she would be dropping a new single called Rumorsfeaturing Cardi B on Friday, August 13th. As if the preview photos were not enough, the music video received a lot of positive feedback for the visuals itself. Even though some people commented on the song saying they did not like it, Lizzo and Cardi B now debut at number 1 on the Billboard Hot R&B/ Hip-Hop charts! Cardi Bs iconic lyric from the song, but Im calmed down and Im locked in, and my records live in the top tenis not a rumor but indeed an actual fact. Lizzo was recently interviewed by Good Morning America where she opened up about the negativity and rude comments, she gets for just being herself in the music industry. There is no secret that in that industry, a certain size is advertised as sexy, but Lizzo never let that trump her confidence. I choose to be undeniable, and I choose to be loud, and I choose to be great, and I am still here,” she told Good Morning America.

The once again expecting rapper, Cardi B supports Lizzo and participated in this music video while being pregnant. Cardi B explained to critics once she revealed that she was pregnant at the past BET Awards that you can still be pregnant and have your career. It seems as those these two not only set rumors straight in their new single but also challenged the status quo by uplifting women and bringing positive awareness to women’s bodies. Rumorsfollows Truth-Hurtsas Lizzos second number one while Cardi B now has seven number ones on the Billboard Charts.