Carl Wilson is a creator, innovator, loves to support and help people. As one of my giving charities financially, I send funding to South Africa and Mexico to assist with their hunger crisis. My motto is: Nobody Goes Hungry!

Carl, please tell our Sheen readers where are you from and more about yourself?

I’m from Oakdale, Louisiana, born and raised in this great city and state where I played multiple sports while in my younger years. My mother and father pushed education so much that we knew that education must be the key to success. Having five siblings and being a twin of a sister, Carla Wilson, we took the advice about education very seriously in our home.  We all went to college and became successful in our way. My dad would be proud of us, and we are doing well. We continue to support our mom and make sure she wants for nothing; being the Matriarch of the family, we love her dearly. I am a person who loves to help people. I help develop women empowerment and entrepreneurs because of my mother. She is on the first page of my book written the last year 2020, called All Women Rock, by Carl Wilson; it’s on Amazon. I have the heart to help people and support their goals.  

Please tell us more about your business. 

My business has several venues: a wedding planner, catering, promotional events, and a movement supporting women’s empowerment. We do 25 to 30 trade shows a year, jazz events, all-women rock conferences, mother-daughter teas gatherings, golf tournaments, kid fashion shows, miss supermodel competition, and many women rock logos parties.  As a representation in supporting women in my program, a red jacket blazer is awarded and worn to uplift women, make them feel unique with values attached to it. Integrity, love, leadership excellence, and achievement are the backbone of the program. The Blazer also represents women supporting one another. I plan to have a movement of Red Blazers all around the world to inspire women. I was recently awarded the highest Humanitarian Award from the white house, signed by President Biden and recognized by two Assembly Awards, Congressional Awards, and two Senate Awards.

The Blazer is a vast movement to show support of women around the world. Also, a man can create something so special to change and support women, but the campaign will never stop!

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