South Philly native, Alnika Lovello is known for her popular brand, Lovello Elizabeth since it’s launched back in 2014. Today, the brand consisting of men and women wardrobes includes timeless, urban pieces that has been spotted on many of our favorite celebrities such as Megan Thee Stallion, Vanessa Simmons, Claire Sulmers, and more! We caught up with Alnika to discuss the inspiration to launch Lovello Elizabeth, the current pandemic, and much more!

Tell us about the inspiration to launch Lovello Elizabeth.

I started the brand for fun and to create an outlet to express some creativity that I could eventually tell my story through. Everything began to unfold from there.

What do you believe makes Lovello Elizabeth stand out amongst the rest?

We stand out with our customer service, presentation, and our customers loyalty. Most of our customers are very involved. We make sure that the content that we create is always held to the same standard; high quality and unique in creativity.

With our current pandemic, what advice to you have for our readers who may be freelancers and small business owners?

No one could have really been prepared for the pandemic, and of course the whole world is experiencing the same thing. I would advise freelancers and entrepreneurs to enjoy this time with family and focus on planning for future projects. If you can consider creating and= emergency or crisis management plan for the future.

You’ve accomplished so much already, what is next on your list of goals?

We’re working on creating a brand experience on the website for our customers shopping online. Something that’s much more interactive, hopeful to keep consumers on the website for other things aside from shopping. Once we’re able to get back to normal business operations we’ll also be expanding our team this year, which is very exciting!

What can we expect from Lovello Elizabeth in the future?

We’re working toward expansion, pop up shops, exclusive collections and some dope people/brands to collaborate with. I know that’s a little vague, but I don’t want to give away what’s to come!

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All images by Saint Matthias Khan