Melissa Paul is the creator of Aloe Magic and Owner of Queen Paul LLC. As a former esthetician with a passion for natural beauty and skincare, she’s always used simple ingredients to keep her own skin radiant and glowing.  She believes the key to success is embracing one’s personal passions, and she’s found beauty and entrepreneurship to be two of hers.  While working at an Atlanta-based spa, she noticed a lack of quality beauty products, and was inspired to create her own products from home. Everything from body butters, scrubs and hydrating serums, she would whip up and give to family and friends for various skin ailments.  One of her favorite hobbies is traveling to different countries to try out their local skin care products to see how they compare to those in the US. She has now created her own exciting Queen Paul product line for beauty enthusiasts of all facets to enjoy.
What inspired you to launch the Queen Paul beauty brand? 
I wanted women to know it’s possible to have gorgeous skin naturally by using quality products and having a consistent skincare routine.  It’s important to me that I share my knowledge and love for natural beauty to help men and women feel like royalty and love the skin they’re in.
Describe your products and what makes them unique in the marketplace:
Aloe Magic is a two in one serum that can be used for hair and skin, it’s a hydrating serum that’s great as a stand alone moisturizer or can be mixed with liquid foundation to give you an extra glow all day.  All of the ingredients are natural and anti-aging, I’m particularly proud of the fact that we use imported Haitian black castor oil which is liquid gold. This product is truly one of a kind and works magic on skin keeping it supple, radiant and glowing like royalty.
Any advice to readers that desire to start a beauty brand?
I would say it’s important to believe in your product and know it inside and out, also be a walking billboard for your brand.
What is next for you and how can beauty enthusiasts support your products? 
I’m looking to add additional products to the line, I want to create a skincare system that can be used consistently to achieve a royal glow.  Visit to support my product and follow @TheQueenPaul on Instagram.
Photo Cred: Max Sejour